Congratulations to Wiki Ninja Danny Van Dam, Winner of the MVP Award for Remote Desktop Services

Hello! It's time to take a look at yet another Wiki Ninja who became an MVP!...

Danny Van Dam!


First, let's make one thing clear... Danny won because he had a balanced list of contributions that ranged from Connect Feedback, to Forum Moderation, to Blog Posts, to Wiki Articles.

Danny became an MVP back in January 2014. That's when Danny blogged this:

I am honored and proud to have received the Microsoft Most Valuable Proffessional (MVP) award for Remote Desktop Services. This is a great way to start 2014! Thanks Microsoft and everyone who made this possible!

He blogged it here:


Here is Danny's MVP page:


Technical Expertise: Remote Desktop Services
Technical Interests: System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management, Microsoft Azure, App-V
Danny is from the Netherlands.

Danny's speaking at an upcoming conference:

ExpertsLive 2014 session: Azure RemoteApp overview
Speaking (Conference)


Here is our Interview with a Wiki Ninja, with Danny Van Dam, from August 2013:

Interview with a Wiki Ninja: Danny van Dam - MCC, MCSE, and Windows Server 2012 Expert

Here are some excerpts from his interview:


Who are you, where are you, and what do you do? What are your specialty technologies?

My name is Danny van Dam, I work for  Atos in the Netherlands for the Consulting and Technology unit as an Architect specialized in Desktop and Application Delivery with Microsoft and Citrix solutions. I plan, design and  implement solutions that include Windows Server 2012, Windows 2008 R2, Remote Desktop Services, VDI, Hyper-V 2008 R2/2012 , SCVMM, SCCM, App-V and Office 365.


What do you do with TechNet Wiki, and how does that fit into the rest of your job?

I use the TechNet Wiki’s to find answers, information and real-life experience about the Microsoft products I use and I will create a new wiki when I feel that something is missing or would be a valuable contribution to save others time in searching for the same answers. My job provide good opportunities to create new wiki’s for Remote Desktop Services, App-V, SCVMM, SCCM and for the TechNet Training and Certification forum  where I participate. 


What is it about TechNet Wiki that interests you?

The TechNet Wiki is the best place to look for how to guides and real-life experience information about products and solutions. The possibility for others to edit and update the wiki’s will keep the content valid. Blogs and public articles will usually not be updated by the publisher once they have been released. The TechNet Wiki is self-sustainable with a large community of Wiki Ninja’s and fanatics  that keep the content up to date and organized.


What are your favorite Wiki articles you’ve contributed?

My Favorite articles I have contributed are Upgrade from MCSA/MCSE 2003 to MCSA: Server 2012 and Study guide for MCSE: Desktop Infrastructure


Do you have any comments for product groups about TechNet Wiki?

It might be interesting to build a reward system for creating a wiki whenever a forum question has a marked answer if the answerer or moderator that identified the correct answer creates a wiki about the topic discussed. Something like ‘Forum answer to Wiki I/II/III Bronze/Silver/Gold”.  This might motivate more TechNet forum users to start writing wiki articles. 🙂



Danny's TechNet Profile

  • Wiki Articles: 11
  • Article Edits: 247
  • Wiki Edits: 149


Congratulations Danny! It's been 9 months, but we're still very glad for you!

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (15)

  1. Congratulations to Danny (belated)! I’m proud to point out that he joins the ranks of many Wiki Ninjas who became MVPs after they started contributing to TechNet Wiki… Luiz, Fernando, Tord, Tomoaki, Santosh, Margriet, Horizon Net, Gokan, Benoit, Philippe,
    Elguc, Sathya, Maheshkumar, Jaliya, and Mohit! That puts us up to 16 Wiki Ninjas who have become MVPs! It’s great that TechNet Wiki can help in that process, whether it’s just a little bit or a lot!

    See the blog category "wiki ninjas who became mvps" here:

  2. Shanky_621 says:

    Congratulations Danny great job.It really feels prod to be MVP

  3. I just added some of my favorite excerpts from his interview.

  4. Congratulations Danny. Hope to see you at the MVP Summit this year, in about a week.

  5. I second Richard’s sentiment, we hope to see you at the MVP Summit! We’re running a booth/exhibit for Small Basic on Sunday!

  6. And I should add that Gokan has taken lead on making the exhibit/booth happen!

  7. Thanks everyone! Wiki participation definitly helps if you want to become an MVP! I will be at summit next week so we can definitely meet at the booth/exhibit 🙂

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