TechNet Wiki Ninja Belts – Reloaded!

Today we are pleased to announce that the TechNet Wiki Ninja Belt awards system is now back on line!


The system now uses a new "calculator" which decides who has what. This pulls data in from our own records and user's profiles to decide the rankings.

This whole project is explained more in this previous blog post.


Along with the new format, we are showing progress towards the next belt, which should help people understand what is required for the next belt.

Below is an example of our highest achiever, Ed Price:

Black Belt - Sensei (6th Dan)

For the requirements, see the Wiki Ninja Belt Rankings, Black Belt - Sensei (6th Dan) section

The Ninjas:

  • Ed Price - MSFTAchievements for current belt:
    • Last Top Contributor win was 9/27/2014
    • New Articles = 818/750
    • Article Edits = 24153/7500
    • Comments = 8663/3750

    Progress towards next belt:

    • Needs another Top Contributor win since the last Ninja belt awarded
    • Has 19 Featured Articles
    • New Articles = 818/1000
    • Article Edits = 24153/10000
    • Comments = 8663/5000


What this all means is the Ninja belts can now be calculated and published semi-automatically, which at least makes it manageable for us all to participate and start earning those belts!


Read more about the TechNet WIki Ninja Belt Rankings HERE.

Pete Laker

Comments (15)

  1. Sensei Ed! I’m a sensei! I’m a Sensei! I’M A SENSEI!!! I’MASENSEIIIII!!!!!!

    What’s a sensei?

  2. Only 182 more articles to go!

    Margriet, it’s your fault that this is so challenging!!! =^)

  3. Recep YUKSEL says:

    Good name Sensei Ed. 🙂 Thank you Pete. Thank you Ed.

  4. Durval Ramos says:

    XAML guy, this system is amazing!!!

    Maybe you don’t have idea what you did for our Community…

    This "semi-automatic" system will motivate us to produce even more and in a fun way!!!

    Great job… Thanks !!!

  5. This new calculator makes the belt system much more powerful, and far easier to manage. As a result, the system becomes far more useful as an incentive. And it is great to see that everyone has something to look forward to and strive for.

  6. Shanky_621 says:

    Really a great piece of work !!

  7. Ashwin Menon says:

    Thanks for sharing this Pete. Great work!!

  8. I want to second Durval’s statement, automating our system for us is vital to keeping this system alive and it will have a huge impact on motivating our Wiki Ninjas and making it even more fun to be a Wiki Ninja!

    Thanks Durval and XAML Guy!

  9. Anonymous says:

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  10. Anonymous says:


    Please find the a brief overview of Ninjas, Belts and Calculators

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