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Let's get the interview started!


Who are you, where are you, and what are you doing? What is your specialty technology?

My name is Erdem, I was born in 1980 in Istanbul. Since 1999 I have been working in the sector of software and information. In the meantime, I've been working with Turkey's leading advertising agencies and tourism companies in various projects, as a software specialist. At a private University in Ankara, I am a Senior Software engineer, and I have been working as a SharePoint developer. I am an Anadolu University Turkish language and literature, second-year student. My hobbies are yachts and Ships. Plus I learn about the Ottoman language; I read the scientific journal.

I have an active business life, as a married father of twins, and I have a busy home / work environment.
My expertise areas are Microsoft Web Technologies (, C #, SharePoint Client Side, SharePoint Web services, Web Services, and Web APIs.
Some languages I use frequently are C#,, PHP, and Java. In addition to these, I also use Python and Mobile software development as a hobby.

Let's talk about TechNet Wiki and how it impacts the Turkish and French communities. How did you get started? What would you want to do next on TechNet?
My first experience with TechNet actually goes back many years. From time to time, I read articles on TechNet Wiki. I found true and accurate information that people were sharing with me! TechNet is there to help people as a social assistance organization. It continues to grow with each passing day, too.

I added to the Wiki Articles, Gallery, and library, adding to a number of resources we see already. TechNet is also where I like to be. One of the reasons I like TechNet Wiki is because people are sharing their experiences with each other; they're not there only to get their answer and then leave. It's a community! 


What's your biggest project right now?

As a University student, I work as a corporate administrator – part of the academic staff responsible for the intranet portal. It's a portal that we developed on SharePoint 2013.
Personally, I also help build automation for a Tours Manager page. I'm continuing to develop this project in my spare time when I'm available.


Where else do you contribute in addition to TechNet Wiki?
In addition to TechNet Wiki, I'm running my two sites for more external sharing. The first one is my own personal blog. The second is the Solution Park - I'm writing articles in a portal for information volunteers.


What is TechNet Wiki for? Who is it for?

It's for anyone who's willing to share their knowledge and experience and wanting to take advantage of this experience in a community developed for everyone. Furthermore, this evaluation and measurement of the platform performance is evaluated by all the users. Technet Wiki is for every individual working in the field of information technologies. This sector of workers should follow TechNet Wiki closely.


What do you do with TechNet Wiki?
I publish articles in my areas of interest. For example, they help my career as I read the articles and learn! If you have an article that needs to be corrected or updated sometimes, then you can easily edit it. Your edits are seen by the author, and so the transparency helps show respect to the author!


What articles interest you on TechNet Wiki?
It's ever growing and is a resource that you can use to help give more value to your organization. If your article is wrong, then the community can help you correct them! We all know we don't have the luxury of having a full 100% knowledge of everything. The solution can be free and accessible through the Wiki!



What kind of articles are you writing? What is your experience?

In my field, I have been working at a Senior level. Of course, I'm currently writing articles about SharePoint development. The Wiki articles are on MVC, Java Script – on the Client Side – and JS frameworks, in a way. I'm trying to publish articles on SharePoint, Office 365, and SharePoint Custom Development.


Which articles are you spending the most time on?
I spend a lot of time on all kinds of articles, really. But in general I don't write my articles without first testing a workflow. Before I wrote the article, the steps are tested 2-3 times.
First and second steps are to check the errors there. really, this post is by asking myself questions edicimi satisfy and so I'm doing my editing. If the last sentence as I can stepte structures and correction are (correction) I'm working on. Most of the time I think I'm spending this last stepte.


Of all your Wiki articles you've contributed, which is your favorite? to the address of the Sharepoint/Office 365 Articles favorites. By creating an index here is actually a lot of people, but they can do so easily raised in the minds of the people by typing the simple events of Sharepoint is a very complex structure from the view I'm trying to save.


What are your Top 5 favorite wiki article?
My favorite article to inform what I believe I did small and practical on Sharepoint in the following articles.


What makes a good Wiki article?

Must be original in the first place. Move to the author 's, developer traces. It shouldn't be too long to wikis. Nominal length should be kept I think. Correction (correction) so must be extremely simple and error-free spelling.Wiki rules and the title, tag (labelling) etc. I notice that needs to be considered other issues.


Who does TechNet Wiki affect, and why?
It's kind of hard to answer this question. I can't name a specific person but it affects me members of the TASTE with WikininjasTR participants. Are these stability protection from future success, stability is really am attracted to you, and I appreciate it.


What does TechNet Wiki's success look like?

In fact, among the most difficult questions that some compare with another success this success ... would be wrong. Wiki has its own structure and content of the volunteer army that constantly update this content with with derya. Level where if you throw a fish you can catch the horse in a sea of necessarily according to your request. And this fish is growing every day growing up. To make everyone happy and you will be able to satisfy in terms of information, articles, code samples available.


Do you have any comments for the TechNet Wiki product group?

It's kind of hard to use. We don't see the total number of Articles, for instance for the moment. The Page we need to write scripts for viewleri etc. errors or omissions exists. These people don't get cold of the goals you say I think no. Will continueto evolve. Enforce strict restructuring and revision of this subject in a very short time, I believe he was going to have. Share.I wiki is always beautiful outbuilding



This interview is a work in progress.


Find the Turkish interview here:

Pazartesi - Erdem Selcuk ile Roportaj



Join me in thanking Erdem for all his contributions to TechNet Wiki!

   - Ninja Ed


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  8. Anonymous says:

    Welcome back for another analysis of contributions to TechNet Wiki over the last week.

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  9. Anonymous says:

    Welcome back for another analysis of contributions to TechNet Wiki over the last week.

    First up, the

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