Interview with a Wiki Ninja and Turkish Avenger – Koray Düzgün

Hello! Welcome to another addition/edition of our Interview with a Wiki Ninja!

Our guest today is Koray Düzgün. Koray is a Turkish John Travolta! =^)

If you can speak Turkish, please go check out the Turkish version of this interview:

And then you can come back here and comment below, letting me know what text we translated that needs to tweaked/updated!


User Page: Koray Duzgun

Koray's top Wiki Statistics:
  • Total number of articles: 43
  • Article Edits: 63
  • Wiki Comments: 4


Some of Koray's top articles:

Who are you, where are you, and what are you doing? What is your specialty technology?
My name is Koray Duzgun (translated David sometimes). I'm currently living in Izmir, Turkey at 9 Eylul University. I'm majoring in computer programming; I'll graduate now with a computer engineering degree.

I have the title of Accessing field Data, MCP so far. Almost all I've been in the development of are projects in this field and related tasks. My specialty is mainly in Entity Framework, and Accessing Data. I develop projects that are Layered. That includes MS SQL Server Database as and when necessary, NoSql. I also use the ASP.NET MVC platform and you can see its beauty as you explore the Web Form.

For my job in my life, I am developing on behalf of freelance projects. However, as the team leader at ISB software companies, I've been buying our technologies. I am developing on the .Net platform. I'm taking great pleasure constantly in doing this! To learn different subjects, I have been following the blogs of our teachers, who are often Microsoft MVPs. Whenever I'm releasing a project, I write about it on my site:
Let's talk about the Turkish and French communities on TechNet Wiki. What is the community like?
TechNet Wiki is a community full of reliable information sharing and shared information. The information can be used by everyone and people can help make it accurate. This will enable us to get to the solution of each of our questions very quickly! I'm in the Turkish community, and it is written by highly qualified and experienced individuals with topics written day by day. The community experts in each field is growing.


What's your biggest project right now?
The largest project I've done is to be able to check all internal management of the data factory, to build the controls and planning of the work. Then it's on to the delivery of the ordered phase of existing jobs, based on discussions with our customers. We make sure everyone knows what they are working on with detailed reporting in addition to what they can receive from a web portal like CRM. This project is huge, but I can't explain the details of it yet.
Other than TechNet Wiki, where else do you contribute?
Through the my own website, sometimes I post details and tips I've found. And I'm publishing errors I find and my solutions. In addition to this, I follow social media on some software-related groups, and I'm trying to support by helping with the shared problems and questions. In addition, I follow software field MVPs and watch their social network accounts and blogs.
What's TechNet Wiki for? Who is it for?
TechNet Wiki gives you up to date and reliable information about Windows technologies and shared platforms. Articles provide the solutions to the community's problems. TechNet Wiki covers all Windows technologies; these technologies are for developing products and enhance the products with deep-seated problem solutions. TechNet Wiki is for people seeking more information about new and existing Microsoft technologies and Microsoft products. It is for people who want to improve! In short, everyone passes on their TechNet Microsoft hearts to the community and to each other!

What can you do with TechNet Wiki, and how do you do it?

In the software field, I could use TechNet Wiki to write articles about technologies. In line with the knowledge of the current problems and questions I can use the platform to help answer questions!

Usually on the weekends, I help contribute to the community on TNWiki, and I give back to the community! Also, on the weekday evenings I can serve and help others!


Which articles do you spend the most time on?
I study the technologies in my software field when describing the logic; I spend a lot of time studying and learning from the Wiki. Because I think introduction articles are extremely important, extremely fluent, and descriptive of items. So I especially love intro articles. I read a lot about Entity Framework Accessing Data and I'm spending time on MVC topics.
What are your top 5 favorite TechNet Wiki articles?


Who in the Wiki community has affected you the most?


What are your comments for the TechNet Wiki product team?

TechNet Wiki – All of the Group's work is extremely valuable for everyone. You work hard and make sacrifices for the group! In this way, it's resulting in a successful development and great community tool. We hope you continue with rapid updates and your improvements will have permanent impact in the community!  



Koray, we wish you continued success!

Do you have comments to congratulate Koray? Please post them below! 

If you can speak Turkish, please go check out the Turkish version of this interview:

And then you can come back here and comment below, letting me know what to tweak in this translation!

And special thanks to Davut for conducting the original interview in Turkish!

   - Ninja Ed

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  2. Okay, the translation is done now! Thanks to Davut for the original interview!

  3. pituach says:

    thanks to both 🙂
    At last we can all meet Koray,
    Great interview

  4. İ know him long time ,and i m really happy to see him in wiki family 😉 welcome Koray, thx Ed

  5. Saeid Hasani says:

    Koray, Nice to know about you!
    Ed, Thanks for the great interview!

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    Koray, nice to meet you!!!

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  7. Welcome Koray, nice to meet you !!

  8. You’re welcome everyone, and special thanks to Davut for the original interview!

    Durval, okay, I won’t join the Turkish team! =^)

    Truthfully one year I translated for Spanish and got a lot done. Then the Spanish community was kind enough to help me refine my translations. I think I’m mostly done with that though.

    Thanks again to Koray for helping write Turkish articles!

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