The class ReverseGeocodeQuery in Windows Phone 8.


As explained in the previous article , the geolocation is one of the most frequently used features in the mobile and beyond.

With it we are able to retrieve the location and information about the place in which we find ourselves, and used by an application to have other information, such as restaurants, hotels, places of interest and many other scenarios . We continue in this second article, our path on geolocation services.

We will see how to convert the coordinates of latitude, longitude in an address, to be displayed in an application with all the information where we are. And how to use them in future articles within a control Nokia Maps Nokia. and also with an example of how to detect the weather conditions.

The class ReverseGeocodeQuery

Besides the class Geolocator that we find in Namespace Windows.Devices.Geolocation, we have another important class that the Windows Runtime provides for us developers. The class ReverseGeocodeQuery. If you think about it, when we develop an application that makes use of the maps above, or when we want to give the user more information on the site, such as country name, address, and more.

The article on ReverseGeocodeQuery class continues at the following link

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