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Who are you, where are you, what are you doing? What is your specialty technology?
I do professional planning with Microsoft's system and infrastructure projects, and I'm taking an active role in the implementation of these tools. During this latest period, I've been the system administrator, trainer, and consultant, working on enterprise-scale projects that the firm gave, and I've delivered educational training to many for developing these solutions. I'm currently Active in the system administration and operating departments within the Bank, and the Assistant tasks that I do. My recent projects were building data center automation processes, DRS (Disaster Recovery Site) planning, and the development of processes within the scope of ITIL.
My datacenter automation solution is on the fly to manufacturers. It is the largest to test their products. The recent rapid rise in the other System Center 2012 R2 and Windows Azure needs are among the major products that I set aside time to work on.
My academic education is in the fields of Chemistry and computer engineering. I completed them separately. In addition to this, I earned the MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) title, and I have various System Engineering certificates.
I contribute in various Turkish communities as an Editor, speaker, and author, on various tasks. My own blog is, and I'm sharing all of this activity through the website. In this way, it helps me get to know a lot of people in this sector.
What do you want the Turkish TechNet Wiki community to do next? Where is it going?
This community has been through the Parklakyigit M know. Turkish resource development in order to come together and to be in this team who devotedly, had me pretty excited. Walking together to the same destination, and team spirit is a community that moves, without any substantive work on a voluntary basis within expectations, team members within the Community solidarity between the most liked features I can say.
What's your biggest project right now?
On the application of new technologies into the Bank's active role in the field of the team to be a part of our mission is in fact too much. However, the largest to follow the vision of keeping large technology project could be called. Microsoft is a big acceleration in recent years, the side continued with Microsoft Azure, especially in our country various audits and the external world with the rules for the sectors that do not leave the data exposes Windows Azure Pack in conjunction with finance and telecommunications sector in Microsoft Azure service has given me the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits offered. Currently working with Windows Azure Pack project are continuing.
Where else do you contribute, in addition to TechNet Wiki?
As is the case in many sectors the resource shortage, Turkish informatics sector is also available. To remedy this, the Technet Wiki except,, on pages such as sharing in it.
What is TechNet Wiki? Who is it for?
Microsoft technologies for a unique source of information. Articles are very valuable in this industry, experienced colleagues by being written and I know it's being implemented in the field. Anyone interested in the field of their interest in Microsoft technologies and what I believe they can find answers to questions.
What else can you do with Technet Wiki?
Technet Wiki have been accepted by the blog sites, including various articles and videos that share webcast plans. The remaining time I follow the new articles.
What articles interest you on Technet Wiki?
Often on System Center, Microsoft Technet Wiki database, Virtualization follow sections.
Which articles are you spending the most time on?
Recently, the System Center family of products, I'm writing about it because I work with articles. To increase the number of volunteers Turkish resources about that colleagues would like to congratulate my work, requiring time to really write the article because.
What are your Top 5 favorite wiki articles?
Technet Wiki, I read a lot on the article, approvingly. Because of this, it's hard to pick a favorite. But what I have I can select as my own Top 5...
Technet Wiki product group have any comments for?
Technet Wiki – TASTE group, all members of the eye is the baby. Requires a working and selfless labor. The secret behind its success I think it is. For many years, I believe it is a group that has to go on.
Here's the Turkish version of this interview:
Please join me in welcoming Okan and thanking him for his Turkish contributions on TechNet Wiki!
   - Ninja Ed
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  1. You visited Microsoft… and all you got was that amazing T-Shirt! =^)

    Thank you Okan for writing such great articles!

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    Congratulations Okan 😉

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    Congrats Okan. Nice to see you in TAT

  4. Davut EREN says:

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    Nice to know you Okan!
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    Nice to meet you Okan 🙂
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  9. Nice to meet you Okan. Welcome to TAT.

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    Congrats Okan… great job !!! Nice to meet you.

    Great interview Ed.

  11. Okan EKE says:

    Thanks Ed and everyone 🙂
    nice to meet you all.

  12. You’re welcome Okan. It’s great to meet you too. Thanks for authoring 45 articles already! That’s great.

  13. Okan EKE says:

    Thank you Ed. yeap amazing T-Shirt. my another t-shirt say; I’m here because you broke something :-)))

  14. Okan, it’s a long time later, but I love that other shirt! "I’m here because you broke something" — Ha! That’s great!

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