Interview with a Wiki Ninja and Turkish Avenger – Recep YUKSEL

Hello Wiki Ninjas and much valued TechNet readers!
I'd like to introduce to you today a very valuable guest. I'd like to present a Turkish Avenger, Recep YÜKSEL. He's very helpful and a great contributor to Exchange and Active Directory content on TechNet Wiki. 
Recep YUKSEL's avatar
Here are some of Recep's statistics:
  • 37 Wiki articles
  • 429 Wiki Edits
  • 490 Wiki Comments

Let's get to the interview...


Who are you, where are you, and what are you doing? What is your special technology excel with?
Hi, my name is Recep. I live in Ankara for about 10 years as a professional in Microsoft software technologies and as a support member. I work at a private firm of System informatics. I'm a support specialist. I support our customers in the public and private sectors.
My technologies: Active Directory, Exchange Server, System Center, and I'm getting more work now on Hyper-V.
By working for many years on the products I have quite a lot of experience and knowledge about special products, like the Active Directory and Exchange Server products. Don't be fooled by the youngster in the pictures because I feel I used to install the Exchange Server 5.5 version; I'm so old in the industry!
Constantly I learn new things by reading articles and by sharing and by working hard. I'm trying to be better at my job to stay up to date on the new technologies!
Technet Wiki on the talk about Turkish and French communities. How do I get started? What do you like? Community Büyüyormu?

in January of 2014, I was invited to become a member of the TAT group and joined my friends. I've been a team member for 7-8 months!

I love my team and the close friendship. We share share a lot of information, and we write articles very quickly, as a team. I love it!

Our team is growing rapidly. I joined the team when we had 12 members. We're 19 people right now!


What's your biggest project right now?

The last time a public institution has around 1,500 active Exchange Server 2010 environment on 3 nodlu (1 CAS, 2 MBX Server) to upgrade Exchange Server 2013 project I completed without a problem, another institution SCCM 2012 R2 and Intel V-Pro integration project finished, about 2000 Pro with Intel for V-we started to manage remotely.
In addition to Technet Wiki, where else are you contributing?

Paylasimlarimi Turkish is a source that's seen as unique and only about Çözümpark; you can publish your own website too. Çözümpark is one where I am actively a team member.

On TechNet, I try to be constantly active on the pages of the Forum Çözümpark.

What is TechNet Wiki for? And for whom?

TechNet Wiki is for all of us. All who use Microsoft technologies, especially the project developer. It is a godsend for those who use it. Turkish, English, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Azerbaijani sources... anyone looking can benefit from the Wiki! There are many here in the Wiki, including myself. I benefit from this in my business life.

How do you benefit in your job from TechNet Wiki?

I'm writing in the pages of the Blog; if I'm looking at the articles that are written... words and sentence errors, correction, forum issues, I am writing to answer questions! I'm also using my knowledge for translation on the pages; I'm there to help translate.

TechNet Wiki is more on the side of the active management of tasks where I can do my best!

What is interesting to you about TechNet Wiki?

It's very active, continuous 24/7... you sleeps and when you wake someone added something new.  If I don't access the site for 1 day, and I think I'm missing a lot. This is a live site and is continually updated. If you write a post, you can get quick feedback!

Have you worked with other community members on writing Wiki articles together?

We haven't had an experience like that yet, but we're going to start soon; some projects will give us these opportunities! 

What articles do you spend the most time on?

I'm interested in articles about Exchange Server and System Center products; I'm spending more time on related articles.
What are your favorite wiki articles you contributed?

The Exchange Server Setup articles are the best articles that I wrote so far. It's a series of Exchange Server 2013 articles. I'd say, I'm not done yet. I'm going to continue the series!
What are your top 5 favorite Wiki articles?

Exchange Server 2010 Kurulumu ve Ayarlari Bölüm-1 (Kurulum Islemleri) (tr-TR)

Exchange Server 2010 Kurulumu ve Ayarlari Bölüm-2 (Konfigurasyon) (tr-TR)

Windows Server 2012 R2 Remote Desktop Services (RDS) Kurulumu (tr-TR)

Exchange Server 2013 SP1 DAG (Database Availability Group) Kurulumu (tr-TR)

System Center Service Manager 2012 - Exchange Connector 3.0 Kurulumu (tr-TR)

What content needs to be worked on in TechNet Wiki? 

I think every one of the experts review the more detailed articles that we add here and help with any simple and sloppily prepared articles; we help clean the front of this environment, like if the article feels like an information dump. Sometimes the article might only be a few lines, and it might need more content.

Who does the TechNet Wiki Community affect, and why?

All my Teammates, but Omg Olmedo and Mehmet Parlakyigit are very busy and happy contributing in this community, and Noble Kipre shares some beautiful things we find. Even a person who does not know about any of their other articles will be able to tell you about the product without skipping any point on the very detailed and simple narration there, What my teammates write and share gives you the power to accomplish a lot with Microsoft technologies!

What does TechNet Wiki's success look like?

You remind me of a big donation campaign. Everyone freely works with each other, vying to share something. Information disclosure is at a time when it's more valuable than money; everyone is sharing the information with another for free; I never knew so many people trying to help other people. I love it, I hope it continues like this!

Thank you so much for making this possible!

Do you have any comments for the TechNet Wiki product groups?

The Translation page feature is not useful or simple enough. The web interface needs a little more review and it would be much more beautiful, I think. I find a page I want to translate every 5 min. I started searching for it.
You can also find this interview in Turkish here, over on the Turkish Wiki Ninjas blog:
Please join me in thanking Recep for all his amazing contributions to our community! You have impacted the community, and we appreciate it!
   - Ninja Ed
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  1. Durval Ramos says:

    It’s very good to know more about Mr.Recep.


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    Congrats Mr Recep.

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    Great interview!
    very nice to meet you Recep YÜKSEL

  4. You’re welcome!

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    It’s very nice interview .Congrats Mr. Recep

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    Congrats Recep! Thanks Ed for the great interview! 🙂

  7. You’re welcome M.Ufuk and Saeid! It’s great to have such valuable international contributors like you guys and Recep!

  8. It’s great to see Recep’s stack of books in that one photo! It shows how long he’s been learning and sharing information about Microsoft Exchange! =^)

  9. Recep YUKSEL says:

    Thank you all reviewers, Thank you Ed. Yes, nearly 15-16 years I’m working with exchange server product.

  10. You’re welcome, Recep!

    I added the TAT banner at the bottom.

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  12. Thanks a lot Ed. You’re welcome, Recep!

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    Thank you very much, Çağrı, Mustafa, Carmelo.

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    Welcome back for another analysis of contributions to TechNet Wiki over the last week.

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