Wednesday – Wiki Life – How to Contribute: 04 Steps

Hello Technet Community!

Many people ask me how they can help in the Technet community, so I decided to write these 04 simple steps to help all who wish to participate in this amazing community!

- First Step - Help in the Technet forums

Visit the TechNet forums, look for threads of their specialty and help the community, there is nothing better to help everyone with tips, tricks, step by step.

- Step Two - Write an Article

Had a good response to a problem or wrote a step to configure something? Turn in an article in the TechNet Wiki Portal.

- Step Three - Make a Collection

Wrote some articles, videos or similar of the same subject? Microsoft Curah!

Place these links in Microsoft Curah! for the community to have this information centralized, subject thus facilitating research!

- Step Four - Doubts in writing and dissemination

Have difficulties in writing, seek help in the guides:

Article: How to Write Your First Article

Article: How to Make a Great Article

Then disclose their contributions on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+.

Well that's it, hope it helps you and your future contributions we wait MVPs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alan Carlos
Brazilian Technet Wiki Ninja

Comments (3)

  1. Thank you Alan for the information!

  2. I love this method of looking at the forums for ideas like this!

    Thanks, Alan!

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