The "Microsoft TechNet Guru Awards" is now available in French !

Hi everyone

Today I will present great news for TechNet Wiki:


The TechNet Guru awards are now in French !


 Here is the translation from Benoit's post:


Are you an expert in a Microsoft Technology? Do you want to publish an article on the TechNet Wiki and to participate in a friendly challenge?

The Microsoft TechNet Guru award is there for you!


Presentation of TechNet Wiki

If you discover TechNet Wiki, I suggest you check this presentation done by Gokan Ozcifci and Benoit Jester for TechDays 2014:


TechDays 2014 - Présentation du Wiki TechNet from Benoît Jester


What is Microsoft TechNet Guru Awards?

It's a "challenge" done each month by Microsoft, via the TechNet Wiki!

The results from each month are published; you can see the last result (from June) on the official blog of the TechNet wiki. You can go look to get an idea of the competition. It's a competition divided by category (Biztalk, Sharepoint, BI, ...) and based on article done on the TechNet Wiki.

Each category is judged by MVPs and Microsoft employees!

(You can see the full list of winners there)


Now available in French's version !

Up to now, this challenge was only for English articles; now we open it for any French articles!

The various category available are listed on this page.

For this first try out, this challenge is open until 2014/09/30


Why participate ?

A lot of reasons! The principal reasons are:

  • The articles are noted (commented on) by MVPs and Microsoft Employee, thus it gives them notable visibility (and great feedback for future improvements).

  • The results are shown on the official blog of the TechNet Wiki, and for example, the result page for June 2014 was has more than 2000 views and 20 comments (and climbing every week).

  • It's fun! That friendly challenge enables you to meet more great community experts and interesting people!

Your résumé : participating in this challenge will bring more visibility to what you do, to the community, and to Microsoft!


How do I participate ?

It's simple : You go on the home page of the Wiki, sign-in, and click on the menu to "Post an article" !

When your article is done, let us know by inserting the link in this Wiki article.

Rules to respect

The rules are simple: it must come from you (from scratch or copied from your blog or forum post).

In no case it can be from another source than you.


Results publication

The result will be announced on the blog !


Straight to your computer ! 🙂

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  1. Davut EREN says:

    Wow it’s a amazing news. Thank you Yagmoth555

  2. This is great! I can’t wait to see what happens. Thanks to Yagmoth, Benoit, and Gokan for driving this!

  3. Pete Laker says:

    This is awesome!!
    Remember folks, your work and your name will become known by those most central to Microsoft, as most of the judges are actual Microsoft employees, working in the categories they judge for.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Last week, MVP Yagmoth blogged about how Benoit’s French blog post:
    The "Microsoft TechNet

  5. Anonymous says:

    History of TechNet Guru
    First of all, if you don’t know the history of TechNet Guru, then you

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