Interview with a Wiki Ninja and TAT member – Omer Taskin

Let's interview, Omer Taskin, another member of TAT, the Turkish Avengers Team!

Thanks to Hasan Dimdik for conducting the original interview in Turkish!

Who are you, where are you, and what are you doing? What is your specialty technology?
I was born in Istanbul in 1993 and grew up here. Starting at 6-7 years of age I began to use a mac computer to start with. My computer training started with Web design and programming while I was in high school for four years, I thought about trying a variety of languages. My Associate degree for my university education was from Suleyman Demirel, and my adventure continued there. Here is my favorite technology that I'm knowledgeable in: a ghost system and network with the event point of view has changed. As a HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT, I moved rapidly towards earning my certificate, while trying to get a variety of experiences. I'm a curious guy; I learned a lot in high school and College, and when someone needed my help... I ran to help them! We have designed hundreds of web sites; we've been building them and engineered them to share with others! I love teaching here so now I'm on the TAT . My specialty technologies now are Cloud and the Data platform; I love storage technologies!

Where do you contribute to?
in 2010 I started to answer questions in the Forum on MSDN, I continued on occasion. A few months ago I became involved with the TAT team through Dennis Coleman. I'm here for now!

What's your biggest project right now?
My biggest project right now... there's a lot of projects in my head, but the thing I wanted most to write was MVA's systems, Database, network, etc. Because in our country, we want to include material because we can't find content, we're resource-strapped, waiting even when we're young. We have to show them the way, especially at the high school level. We need to give them more time; we have to help them learn.
On TechNet Wiki, what areas do you contribute to?
On TechNet Wiki, when I see that I know the answer to the question, then I love to share. I will help in every field imaginable. As long as I'm helping people move one more step forward.
What is TechNet Wiki for? Who is it for?
Technet Wiki is for the technology, and the technology is for everyone!
What can you do with Technet Wiki and how do you do it?
I am not a man with too much time to contribute, but if you have the time to write an article about Windows 7/8 or Windows Server, then I'll review it and pour into the article.


What is it that interests you about Technet Wiki?
Recently I have found a lot of SQL Server articles I want to read!.


On which articles do you spend most of your time on?
I wrote about Windows Server 2012, and even 8 articles take me a long time; almost all my Sunday doing it. But I'm not complaining.



Thank you to Omer and for joining TAT to help lead the community!

  - Ninja Ed

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  1. Davut EREN says:

    Thank you Ed, Congrats Ömer Taşkın!

  2. Nice to meet you Omer! Thanks Ed!

  3. Durval Ramos says:

    Ed, great interview! Congrats Omer, good job !!!

  4. Saeid Hasani says:

    Congrats Omer!
    Well, I didn’t hear about "TAT", I found this link: It looks great, I found Turkish Avengers! Team 🙂
    Great interview, Thanks Ed!

  5. Congrats,Welcome to family Omer

  6. Thank you Ed, Congrats Ömer Taşkın!

  7. omertaskin says:

    Thank you ED, Thanks to everyone for their good wishes

  8. Saeid, good research! You found it! =^)

    I think Gokan is a big fan of the Avengers. =^)

  9. You’re welcome, Omer (and Mehmet, Davut, Muhammad, and Saeid). And thanks to Hasan Dimdik for doing the Turkish interview!

  10. omertaskin says:

    Meanwhile, a new username "omertaskin" I’ve updated

  11. I added a link to Omer’s new profile. Thanks!

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