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Hello Community!

Today is Wiki Life and I'll talk about the Blog for TechNet Wiki (Wiki Ninjas)! The Wiki Ninja Blog's mission is to evangelize the Technet Community through articles written by authors passionate about technology, promote the TechNet Wiki, blog about other Microsoft's TechNet pages and all matters associated with Microsoft technologies!

Our blog, and when I say us, I include the whole community :), is well structured and has a team at the first line to help keep the community updated with useful information from day to day in the IT and Dev fields.

- Structure of the Blog

Our blog is well structured, divided by daily affairs (a different blog type each day of the week), publications are schedule, advice is given to each other, they are published in more than one language, they help the community, and we maintain an organized manner for all our content.

- Schedules

Schedules are published and updated daily by the members, stating the dates of the posts and responsible for each publication. If you want to know more, see the Schedule Brazil, Turkey, and the International (English) Agenda Schedule.

Schedules per language:

- Blog Posts Theme

MondayCommunity Interview – We pick one person on TechNet Wiki, write about their Wiki achievements (and also about their other achievements), and we interview them You'll also see a few video interviews in this series Examples: 

TuesdayArticle Spotlight - We pick an article (or series of articles) on TechNet Wiki and write about the value of it. Examples: 

WednesdayWiki Life – We write about a tool, feature, practice, or process on TechNet Wiki. Top could be about navigating, editing, authoring, linking, languages, profile tools, the Translation Widget, or where the Wiki is mentioned in the world (like on other sites). Examples: 

ThursdayCouncil Spotlight– On Thursdays, we write about the projects that our Community Council is currently working on... The Featured Article Teams, Wiki Feature Requests and Bug Fixes, expanding Portals or Cross-Linking, the TechNet Guru contest (which connects the Forums and Wiki), the Wiki Ninja Belt Ranks, Governance and Guidelines, etc. Either someone who is on the council will post on what they're doing, or one of our authors will take a more journalistic approach, documenting the progress that they observe... or an opinion-style post where they brainstorm on what they think is possible. Examples:   

FridayInternational Spotlight – This is a digest of International Wiki news, community wins, profiles, articles, and/or top contributors in the International space. We want to focus on Non-English spotlights, since the other days focus more on English. Examples: 

Saturday:Top Contributors of the Week – We will feature a list that highlights the top contributors each week. Join us as the community earns their Wiki Ninja awards Examples: 

Sunday:Surprise Anything related to TechNet Wiki We won’t always have a post on Sundays, but this allows us to have some flexibility. Examples:   

As Needed:Wiki Ninja News – When there are any Wiki-related events, promotions, or any other news.

TechNet Guru - We post about the TechNet Guru contest, including listing the winners, giving updates, and featuring each winning article. Examples: 

Community Win – We write about an example or success story of how the community came together to do something great with TechNet Wiki. This can be published on Tuesdays (as an Article Spotlight) or on Sunday Surprise. Examples: 

Social Synergy - This is a subcategory for Wiki Life Wednesdays. We focus on using TechNet Wiki in a collaborative way with other social tools... TechNet/MSDN Gallery, TechNet/MSDN Forums, TechNet/MSDN Blogs, CodePlex, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Examples: 

- Blog Team

Our team includes professionals from all over the world, highly qualified, as MSFT (Microsoft employees) MVP (Most Valuable Professional), MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer), MCC (Microsoft Community Contributors), Professional experts in Microsoft technologies like ALM, Microsoft Servers, Private Cloud, System Center, Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio Online, and MCSD certified, MCSE, MCSA, MCS, among numerous other Microsoft and non-Microsoft and Processes (ITIL and COBIT) certifications.


  1. Ed Price - MSFT (10/30/11  )
  2. Luiz Henrique Lima Campos - MVP (11/10/11  )
  3. Peter Geelen - MSFT (12/6/11  )
  4. Steef-Jan Wiggers - MVP (12/10/11  )
  5. Yagmoth555 - MVP (3/28/12   )
  6. Horizon Net - MVP (3/29/12  )
  7. Margriet Bruggeman - MVP (5/19/12  )
  8. XAML guy -  (10/24/12   )
  9. Gokan Ozcifci - MVP (11/29/12  )
  10. Tomoaki Yoshizawa - MVP (1/4/13  )
  11. Sandro Pereira - MVP (7/22/13  
  12. Hezequias Vasconcelos (8/28/13  )
  13. Maheshkumar S Tiwari (10/5/13  )
  14. Naomi N (10/28/13) 
  15. Benoit Jester - MVP (11/20/13)
  16. Matthew Yarlett (1/8/14)
  17. Durval Ramos (1/10/14)
  18. Carmelo La Monica (3/2/14)
  19. Alan Nascimento Carlos (3/4/14)
  20. Davut EREN - TAT (3/9/14)
  21. SathyanarrayananS - MVP (4/14/14)

Members who have been part of the team in the past

There are many members who used to be on the team for TechNet Wiki blogs and still many in the community who help with your articles, blogs, lectures and more; this list can be viewed on the Wiki Ninjas Blog: The Contributors.

International Teams

In addition to this English team, here are the other blogging teams

- Recent Posts about the team

Here you can see some national and international latest posts on our "Dream Team" TechNet Wiki!

Wiki World Cup

Wiki Life - All Together

TechNet Wiki - Cumartesi Istatistikleri

Heroes of TechNet Wiki

Thursday Council Sporlight - New WikiNinjas Non-Stop Webinar

That's it folks!

Alan Carlos
TechNet Wiki Ninja - Brazil

Go Technet Wiki!!!

Comments (13)

  1. This is an amazing blog post and a great resource! I added two links to Turkish posts in the "Recent Posts about the team" section.

    Thanks, Alan!

  2. Davut EREN says:

    Thank you Alan for good work. Than you Ed for recent post. Content is great.

  3. Ashish Vikram Singh says:

    Such an amazing and helpful post. Keep it up!!

  4. Saeid Hasani says:

    Informative post about its house! Thanks Alan!

  5. pituach says:

    Very interesting and informative!

    >> Information about the Wiki Ninjas Blogs doesn’t reach the whole right audience, I will use my own example. unfortunately, some of the blogs, I only read after two weeks if any, instead of reading at the day its publish.

    >> please read this thread and add comments(you can say that this is bad idea as well), I was sure that at this time, it will get much more support, but there is no response yet. the basic idea is:
    Should be a page or group on Facebook for Wiki Ninjas

  6. Saeid Hasani says:

    Ronen, Great idea! I voted for it 🙂

  7. Pituach,

    Well, you can subscribe to the blog! =^)

    You know, starting a Facebook page has been on our council’s list for over a year now.

    See the third bullet on #10:

    I’ve been waiting for a council member who is super passionate about it and has the vision to lead it.

    After you have 20 articles, 100 wiki edits, 30 wiki comments, 30 blog comments, and an interview with a Wiki Ninja, you can be invited to join us on this blog. When you have 30 articles and were invited to the blog, you can be invited to join the council.


  8. Recep YUKSEL says:

    Very good Team, Thank you all members.

  9. Technet wiki blog is a platform for pospolity to get ability and to study about new and old programs on the microsoft , to ask and to be answered of others on the technet wiki blog to get new information abut softwares and hardwares .Interesting articles on the wiki blog and programs articles on the technet blog generally new faces every day have many to say and get on the technet wiki blog.

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