TechNet Wiki Life! – How to say "Thank You" and support our writers!

Hello Wiki Ninjas and TechNet readers.

You can follow up and read TechNet Wiki resources for free; it's an easy cure-all solution! Did you consider how much labor is spent of these resources to make them? Writers create this unique content in reduced coffee time, lunch break time, or social activity time, over the course of many days.

TIME is important for all people. And our writers spent time for unique content! Are you aware that you can thank them and leave comments for our writers? They will be happy for your comments and for you to rate their articles!

For this reason;

1-     Leave a Comment on a blog post and Rate it

2-     Leave a Comment on wiki articles:

3-     Vote As Helpful comments in TechNet Forums; if it is helpful for you and click Propose as Answer:

And you can Support writers with this simple list!

Translated from here. Thank you for the post from Ersin Can.

Turkish wiki Ninja


Comments (10)

  1. These are some fantastic ways to support the great authors on TechNet and MSDN!

  2. Davut EREN says:

    Thank you Ed for publish!

  3. Appreciation always matter!! Thanks Ersin, Ed and Davut!!!

  4. Recep YUKSEL says:

    Thank you Davut, Ersin and Hasan. 5 star this post.

  5. Saeid Hasani says:

    Practical Solutions! Thanks Davut!

  6. pituach says:

    LOL, I wanted to leave a comment, then I clicked the image in the content by mistake instead on the real comments box 🙂
    Well done Davut !

  7. Davut EREN says:

    Thank you Ed, Muhammad, Recep, Saeid, Ronen, Hassan 😉

  8. Great writeup! To be made awareness on this to EVERY user of the forums and wiki 🙂

  9. Additional point would be downloading gallery items and posting feedback and rating them as well .. 🙂

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