[New eBook] : The wikiNinjas Guide to SharePoint – Part II

Our (My) intention is to create a new era on the Wiki with eBooks, videos, Summits and much more. So contributors from all around the world can have excellent articles, eBooks and videos from all kind of writers and/or authors (Microsoft employees, MVP, MCC…). I’m proud and extremely happy to announce you the new Wikininjas eBook. Please make noise foooooooooooooooooooooooooooooor:

The WikiNinjas Guide to SharePoint – Part II

This eBook is not mine. It's also not yours. But it’s from the community. You can find many articles here written by Joe Davis, Magriet Bruggeman, Craig Lussier, Thuan Soldier, Benoit Jester, me and many other SharePoint addicts!

Please join me to congratulate the authors:

  • Joe Davis
  • Matthew Yarlett
  • Thuan Soldier
  • Craig Lussier
  • Benoit Jester
  • Margriet Bruggeman
  • Inderjeet Singh Jaggi
  • RaghuAriga
  • Brent Groom
  • Dan Christian
  • Aulakh Amardeep
  • Rashu Rahul
  • Melick
  • Jason Barkes
  • Steven Andrews
  • Jesper Arnecke
  • Nikolas Charlebois-Laprade

I’ve been selected months ago by Ed Price to evangelize the Wiki in several ways. One of them was the Wikininjas eBook initiative that worked like a charm. We released many whitepapers and ebooks on the gallery and I’m proud to say that we ALL ROCK! Why? Our books are highly ranked on the TechNet Gallery.

The Wiki Ninjas Guide to SharePoint 2013 – IDTP is ranked 4 of 770 and the Wiki Ninjas Guide to SharePoint 2013 is ranked 6 of 770 contributions! This is absolutely amazing and I want to say a big thank you to all!


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  1. Recep YUKSEL says:

    Thank You Gokan.

  2. Another great ebook from the SharePoint community! Great job, everyone!

    Such great expertise is represented here, from Microsoft employees, MVPs, and other community leaders!

  3. Davut EREN says:

    Excellent article Gokan

  4. Thanks Gokan for all your work!!

  5. pituach says:

    why not using the gallery for the for eBooks, videos, Summits and much more?
    please clarify the difference and what do you think will fit for each one of those places.

  6. Hey Pituach, I’m using the Gallery, so I don’t understand your comment 🙂

  7. pituach says:

    Goken, You talk about a new era on the Wiki which look to me the same as the gallery era.

    >> why do we need duplicate systems? why to add new era to the wiki where this era is part of the gallery era?
    >> If we do keep working with the gallery and use new era in the WIKI, then next time that i want to post an eBooks or a video where should i post it? What do you think will fit for each one of those places? Should I post it several times on several systems?
    most of us already post it on Facebook + their own Site + Gallery + … should we post in another place which managed by the same company? Isn’t it just duplicate information?
    >> I start to think maybe all the gallery should be part of the WIKI somehow

  8. Anonymous says:

    Os artigos compartilhados no TechNet Wiki são referência para muitos profissionais.


  9. Only just noticed this. Glad to see some of my work got included in the e-book.

  10. Ed (DareDevil57) says:

    well done guys, great job.

  11. Pituach mentioned something last year in the comments, that I wanted to comment on… synergy with TechNet Gallery. Why use the Gallery when it’s the Wiki?

    We discuss this in more detail and collaborate on it here:

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