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Hello Microsoft Community!

My name is Alan Carlos and today is the day of Wiki Life! We the authors of Technet Blogs have as usual organized and defined various wiki authoring issues, addressing them in this Technet Wiki Blog, emphasizing a subject and approach this subject in the blog post. Today is Wednesday, the day we write a blog post about TechNet Wiki and cover an inherent issue, and today I will bring you tips on how to use the TechNet Wiki to assist you in doubt in the Microsoft products, such as installations, configurations, tips, among others.

The TechNet Wiki is a portal where articles of several members of the Microsoft community worldwide are concentrated, ie, is where we certainly have the best content on the Internet when it comes to Microsoft products, it leaves the community through articles Wiki, valuable content to be used in our day to day! 🙂

To use the TechNet Wiki is very simple! Today I will discuss two ways:

- Browse by Site Search with Filters

The TechNet Wiki has an easy search and use where it is possible to conduct research on issues.

Let's see an example: - I need to perform an installation of Windows Server 2012.

To perform a search successfully, I need to subdivide the subject as essential parts:

- Prerequisites for installing Windows Server 2012
- Tips for installing Windows Server 2012
- How to Install Windows Server 2012

After these essential parts, give emphasis to keywords in search as:

- Prerequisites for installing Windows Server 2012: (keywords): windows server 2012 installation requirements
- Tips for installing Windows Server 2012: (keywords): Windows Server 2012 installation tips
- How to Install Windows Server 2012: (keywords): install windows server 2012


Visit the TechNet Wiki portal and go in search.


Use keywords, filter the origin and the topic for his research stay consistent. 

Note that carried an article with the information of the prerequisites of the Windows Server 2012 installation! Very simple, right? 🙂

In addition to this powerful research tool shown above, we also have the newest tool from Microsoft, the Microsoft Curah!

- Consultation by Microsoft Curah!

The Curah! is a portal where the community performs the insertion of a set of articles and "concatenate" by subject, thus facilitating research already about a certain topic you are researching. Is easy to use!


Visit the Microsoft website Curah!, And go into the search box. Type the topic in question and perform the search. Sure, I did a search on ALM (Application Management Lfecycle) and Portuguese to bring items that did curations! 🙂

 And ready, will now bring Curation and subsequent articles linked to her about it!

Ready! That's it, I hope you enjoy this post and until next time!

A big hug to everyone and we rely on your help in the community!!!!


Alan Carlos
Brazilian Wiki Ninja

Go Azure!!!!!!

Comments (13)

  1. We’re publishing this Wednesday article a bit late. Sorry about that!

    Alan, this is an amazing use case where you run through a full search and use of Curah!

  2. Davut EREN says:

    Thank you Alan. Very good article

  3. Thank you Alan for sharing !

  4. Nice intro to Curah! Thanks!

  5. Saeid Hasani says:

    Thanks Alan!
    I did not know anything about Curah! Great to know more about it 🙂
    But, I have a suggestion for TN Wiki search that comes from my last week experience :
    I was really busy last four months, so I couldn’t participate in TN Wiki so much! Those bad months gone and I want to search one of articles that I was its first publisher, but simply I could not find it!

    I had to open "T-SQL" Tag, and search it one by one, that was frustrating search! I find it, at last!
    End of story!
    If there was advanced search options, I could enter my name as first publisher argument, and saved my time!

    Thanks again for opening this discussion 🙂

  6. Saeid, for articles I publish I started adding my name (actually a unique form of my name with no spaces) as a tag, so I can easily find them. Otherwise, it sometimes helps to search on a combination of tags to narrow the search, if you remember several
    of the tags in your article.

  7. Saeid Hasani says:

    Richard, Thanks! I added such tag, but just after I found it! 🙂

  8. Thanks Alan for this nice post!

  9. pituach says:

    Thanks for the information!
    I did not know about the Microsoft Curah, It is time to go and check it 🙂

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