TNWiki Article Spotlight – What is state persistence in Orleans and how to use it

Hello and welcome everybody to our TNWiki Article Spotlight on Tuesday.

Have you ever heard about Orleans? The answer from most people to this question is "Yes, of course! That's the city in the south of the US.". Since BUILD 2014 you mostly get two different answers, depending on whom you ask, a techie or a "normal" person. Beside the answer given before some people will say "Orleans? That's that Cloud Computing stuff, right?".

For me, Orleans is a really cool project, so I'm proud to announce that we have our first Orleans-related article! Damir Dobric published an article where he talks about the state persistence in Orleans - What is state persistence in "Orleans" and how to use it. What I like about this article? First, it covers Orleans. Second, it contains a lot of code. Third, it contains a lot of code 🙂

If you are interested in Cloud Computing and Azure in particular you should have a look at our Orleans article ... and you should write more!

- German Ninja Jan (TwitterBlogProfile)

Comments (4)

  1. Saeid Hasani says:

    Awesome article! … Thanks for sharing!

  2. Fantastic topic! I’m working on helping support Orleans and love to see the interest!

  3. Davut EREN says:

    Thank you for good post Jan!

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