Congratulations to C# Guru, Wiki Ninja, and now a Microsoft Visual C# MVP – Jaliya Udagedara!!!

I have the pleasure of announcing another Wiki Ninja to graduate into the MVP Award... Jaliya Udagedara!!!


Jaliya Udagedara's avatar 

First, here is Jalya's MVP profile: 


Technical Expertise:
Visual C#
Technical Interests:
Silverlight, Visual C#, Visual C++

Biography: "Has a passion for technology and in love with Microsoft .NET framework. Having C# as the proficient and primary programming language, loves to spend some time with C/C++ as well. He has been recognized as a Visual C# Technical Guru in the TechNet Guru Competition a couple of times. Likes to write TechNet Wiki articles and maintains a blog at"

Example Activities:

5/20/2014 Calling WCF Service from a Stored Procedure in Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Articles
5/20/2014 Calling WCF Service from a Stored Procedure in Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Code Samples
5/19/2014 Loading Related Entities in Entity Framework Code Samples
4/7/2014 Writing Data in Excel File into a Database using a DataSet and SqlBulkCopy Articles
4/3/2014 Lambda Expressions in C# From Beginner To Expert Speaking (User 
3/25/2014 Use of “Enumerable.Cast” and “Enumerable.OfType” in C# Articles


I love the Recognition section on the lower left (and the mention in his bio)! It really shows how the TechNet Guru awards help show your expertise!



TechNet Wiki : Visual C# Technical Guru (May 2014) : Gold

TechNet Wiki : Visual C# Technical Guru (April 2014) : Bronze

TechNet Wiki : Visual C# Technical Guru (February 2014) : Gold

TechNet Wiki : Visual C# Technical Guru (January 2014) : Gold

TechNet Wiki : Visual C# Technical Guru (December 2013) : Gold


Even the bronze medals are hard earned and point to a strong contribution!


Next, here is Jaliya's MSDN Profile: 

Here are some great stats:

  • 1,652 Recognition Points
  • 20 TechNet Wiki articles (as you can see from this blog post, these are high-quality articles)
  • 93 Wiki edits
  • 50 Wiki comments
  • 7 Blog comments
  • 231 Forum replies
  • 9 Gallery Items with 617 downloads

 Jaliya's top Wiki articles:


Third and finally, here are some Wiki Ninja blog posts that we've written about Jaliya...

July Visual C# Guru - Jaliya Udagedara's "Connecting to SSAS Cube using Silverlight"

Interview with Wiki Ninja: Jaliya Udagedara,TechNet Guru Medal Winner


Please join me in congratulating Jaliya as a new MVP this year!

Jaliya, when did you become an MVP this year? Also, I love your new blog posts! They are good opportunities to port them over to TechNet Wiki and to convert them into Wiki articles!

Thanks again for your impact on the TechNet Wiki community!

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (15)

  1. Congratulations to Jaliya! I’m proud to point out that he joins the ranks of many Wiki Ninjas who became MVPs after they started contributing to TechNet Wiki… Luiz, Fernando, Tord, Tomoaki, Santosh, Margriet, Horizon Net, Gokan, Benoit, Philippe, Sathya,
    Elguc, and Maheshkumar! That puts us up to 14 Wiki Ninjas who have become MVPs! It’s great that TechNet Wiki can help in that process, whether it’s just a little bit or a lot!

    See the blog category "wiki ninjas who became mvps" here:

  2. Shanky_621 says:

    Congratulations Jaliya you have some great contributions…

  3. Congratulations Jaliya!!! Keep it up!!!

  4. Jaliya, not sure if you’re interested in authoring on this blog, but you’d need 7 edits and 23 blog comments (on this blog) to meet the requirements:

    Regardless, we thank you greatly for all your contributions on TechNet Wiki!

  5. Thanks Ed for this nice post and thanks everyone!.

    @Ed, I was awarded as a MVP in January this year. Of course, I am sure being a Wiki Ninja, has added a tremendous contribution for me when I got awarded as a MVP.

    And about being one of the authors in this blog, I always wanted to write a post in any of Microsoft’s blogs. On the way Ed, on the way!

  6. Congrats and Keep it up Jaliya !

  7. Thisara Singhathilaka says:

    Congratulations Jaliay:)

  8. pituach says:

    Congratulations! well done

  9. Jaliya, sorry I wasn’t tracking this better. We’d like to have you blog with us. Can you add me as a contact on Skype? My Skype account is live:edwardnprice


  10. @Ed, Great!, Appreciate it. Just sent you a request on Skype 🙂

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