Interview with Wiki Ninja – Rogério Molina

Hello! Community of Microsoft.

Monday is the day of our interview with a Ninja Wiki.

Rogério Molina is our interviewee today.

He is a member of the community since 2009.

Author Blog:


Youtube Channel:

Who are you?

I'm Paulistano Gem, was born in Vila Matilde, East Zone of São Paulo - Brazil, where I live today. I am married, have no children yet. I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer since 2007, but work with computer training since 1994, when I began to provide training to introduce the computer into a network of neighborhood schools, the Softmania. I always liked dealing with people and am passionate about the idea of being able to somehow help someone achieve their goals. Currently I divide my time between training and technical management of a major Microsoft training centers in São Paulo, Green Training.

What technologies are your specialty?

I specialize in network infrastructure, work with the entire line server, including deployment Cluster, NLB, Firewall, File Server and Active Directory.

How were you introduced to the TechNet Wiki?

I was introduced to the TechNet Wiki MCT Summit in 2010, when it was officially launched and presented to the MCTs, at the time this was done by Yuri Diogenes and I even won a Tag Daniel Donda with the logo of WikiNinjas I have so far stuck on my notebook.

What was your first collaboration?

My first collaboration the Wiki was a step by step schedule for Microsoft exams via Prometric (, today for some reason lost the pictures I had so much work to copy and paste. I've tried redoing, but so far unable to fix.

In addition to the TechNet Wiki, in which locations do you frequently contribute?

Today I walk a bit stalled, with a project to launch a new blog from the second half together with some friends from the area, but usually contributed enough for my own Blog site of IT Specialists and create videos for my YouTube channel.

What are your big projects now?

We, me and some friends preparing to launch a new blog for the second half of 2014, where we intend to collaborate with a much higher burden of facing technical articles for the main areas of IT related Microsoft and other manufacturers in the market. Still can not reveal many details of this project, but I assure you the idea and change a little the current patterns and make something cool that can add knowledge to everyone.

What do you do with the TechNet Wiki and how does it fit into your work?

The TechNet Wiki, works for me as a knowledge base where I usually see a lot of my doubts from day to day and even use often to share information with my students during training, it makes does not have to be posting and sharing several times and leave the information in a centralized and accessible for everyone.

What interests you most about TechNet Wiki?

The ability to share information in a place where this information is really useful for a community.

Among the items that you contributed to the TechNet Wiki community, what are your favorites?

One of the items I like most is that I did not write, I just translate the American community, it was published by Tony Soper and speaks of good practices for the implementation of the Hyper-V:

Hyper - V - Applying Best Practices

The post that talks about the shortcuts of Windows 8 was pretty cool too, because I learned a lot from him.

Hotkeys Windows 8

Other articles which he also wrote:

Windows 8 - Configure Windows To Go

Replacing WINS for DNS

Test Lab Guides

Releasing FTP to read and write in ISA Server

Log into the domain through a VPN or Dial - up connection

Team Viewer block with ISA Server

How to make Windows recognize the default printer for each network in Windows 7

MTA certifications

Using a Global Names Zone - " Zone GlobalNames "

Who impressed you in the Wiki community, and why?

Two guys who impress me quite within the TechNet Wiki, mainly by technical ability and dedication in maintaining good level of technical publications within the community are Guirotto Thiago Teixeira and Walter, with whom I have a good and steady relationship of friendship and partnership in this arduous while pleasurable task of sharing knowledge. Both are excellent technicians and produce, always concerned with the quality of them and worried about doing something that really adds to the community very good materials.

The Microsoft community helps you and can only thank you and tell you: Thank you! 

Rogério's willingness to help and his dedication and commitment is crucial for everyone.

We are sure that his example motivates other employees to be part of this great team that is the Technet community! 

Continue with the great collaboration.

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  1. Good to know you Rogério!

  2. Rogério Molina says:

    Nice to meet you. Is a pleasure to participate of Microsoft comunity, always you need, just call me!

  3. Wow, you’ve contributed a LOT of great articles, Rogerio! Thank you!

  4. Congrats Rogério, very nice!!

  5. Very Good Rogério 😉 !!!

  6. anonymouscommenter says:

    Ola comunidade Wiki, hoje é o dia de Segunda feira entrevista com o Wiki Ninja.

    Meu nome é

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