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Congratulations to  for winning the Small Basic Technical Guru Gold Medal for April!

Nonki's cartoony self-portrait was made from a Paint-like program that he wrote himself, from Small Basic:

Nonki Takahashi's avatar 

Here is his winning article:

History of Microsoft Small Basic

This is an interesting section from that article:

Books Published

2010-07-01 Beginning Microsoft Small Basic
2010-07-01 Computer Bible Games for Small Basic
2010-09-01 Developer's Reference Guide to Small Basic
2010-09 Basic Computer Games - Small Basic Edition
2011-06-15 ????? Small Basic  (Japanese)
2011-08-02 Small Basic fur Kids   (German)
2011-12-10 Small Basic ? let's ???????  (Japanese)
2011-12-31 David Ahl's Small Basic Computer Adv.
2013-02-18 Programming Home Projects with Small Basic
2013-02-18 Programming Games with Small Basic
2013-08-11 Computer Bible Games for Small Basic (Color Edition)
2013-11-20 Principles of Programming (using Small Basic)
2013-11-24 Teaching Kids to Program with Small Basic


And here are all the April winning articles for Small Basic...


Guru Award  Small Basic Technical Guru - April 2014  

Gold Award Winner


Nonki History of Microsoft Small Basic RZ: "This is very impressive. Though not technical in nature, those are invaluable information!"
Ed Price: "I'll jump in and comment but not vote (we had enough voting but not comments). This is a nice jump into the history of Small Basic! I sweetened it up a bit by adding the Blogs and Books sections. After we get all the major blog posts in there with the links, it will act as a really fun trip into the history of Small Basic! A great idea that would be fun for any product!" 

Silver Award Winner


Nonki Small Basic: Default Value MH: "Great overview on the default values of the Smallbasic IDE. Good point for awareness too, since those values impact the way you work with the IDE."
RZ: "Very useful info. This is true for any programming language, not just SB."
Ed Price: "This lists the default values for all the methods with associated parameters! A great reference that people will want to return to!"

Bronze Award Winner


Nonki Small Basic: Object Ed Price: "Objects are key for Small Basic. This article does a great job visually showing some UI-related details. And then I helped sweeten it a bit by linking each object in the Object List to its reference page (also on TechNet Wiki). So it's a nice overview. Great article!"
MH: "Good basic explanation of the concept of Objects in Smallbasic and a handy overview of which we have. Hopefully we can add more."

Also worth a mention were the other entries this month:

  • Small Basic Community Council: Focus Areas by Ed Price
    RZ: "It's great to kick off the community council"
    Ed Price: "It's great to see the Small Basic Community Council come together and divide up a lot of these opportunities to bring Small Basic out into the community and to help it shine! Thanks to all the council members, including Nonki!"
  • Features of Microsoft Small Basic v1.0 by Nonki
    MH: "Nice introduction on the features."
    Ed Price: "This is pretty cool. A great overview of Small Basic 1.0! It might be good to list more of the UI buttons in a way similar to how a user navigates them. Great article with good formatting!"
  • Small Basic Community Council by Ed Price
    Ed Price: "And then this article gives the basics of what the Small Basic Community Council does and who's on it. The "Focus Areas" article breaks down what each person is doing."



Nonki won all three medals for April! He's been a valuable contributor to the Small Basic community!

   - Ninja Ed

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  1. たかはしさん、おめでとうございます! Small Basic についての TechNet Wiki や MSDN ブログの記事をいつも読ませてもらっています。TechNet Wiki に参加する日本人はまだ少ないですが、頑張っていきましょう!

  2. Durval Ramos says:

    I agree with Tomoaki !!!

    Great work Nonki.

  3. Congratulations Nonki! Great Work!

  4. Thank you everyone. Tomoaki, I refer your Japanese TechNet Wiki articles for my translation to Japanese. Thanks!

  5. Yes, thank you Nonki for all your contributions!

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    Congratulations Nonki!

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