Hunting the unknown species

I guess that when you're the right person for that particular brand of excitement, the recent finding of a new mineral called "Putnisite"  ( will be quite the event.
When I stumbled upon a new MS product, I had to wonder if I, as seen from the TechNet Wiki perspective, have stumbled on "Wiki Putnisite". I mean, we do have blogs, wiki pages, gallery downloads where you can post whitepapers, refer to videos etc., but it does seem there's a new species in town called Office Mix ( It's a product great for creating interactive knowledge transfer experiences, and when I read about it I was thinking two things:
  • I have to try and find the time to incorporate this into my SharePoint classes.
  • Is this a new flavor that someday should be added to the TechNet Wiki community as a new way to share knowledge or is it too similar to what we've got?
What say you?
Comments (4)

  1. Like the title 🙂
    Good to know! Thanks for Sharing Margriet!

  2. I say that Office Mix looks pretty sweet!

    Thanks, Margriet!

  3. Thanks Muhammad and Ed! I’m very enthusiastic about Office Mix!

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