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Hello Community!

My name is Alan Carlos and today is day Wiki Life! I will address a topic that I find extremely important for the community : - How to Create Content/Material for the TechNet Wiki!

I know some people who have a keen interest in helping the community, creating content available, but sometimes ends up having fear of performing such activity. But I tell you that HAVE NOT AFRAID !WE NEED YOU!!

Browsing the Internet, through forums, personal blogs, pages, watch very, very good content "lost" without being in a centralized location and on the technology in question. Oh you should ask me, what is the advantage of that?

I tell you, Several!!


- Your content is read by the other members of TechNet Wiki, including myself, and corrected if it has something missing;

- Its content is made ??available under the Microsoft Forums, helping everyone, including my own person again, where as Moderator, use such content for promotion in response to questions from the Forum;

- Your content becomes searchable, and will serve as a "manual" for your team members or others;

- Your content is categorized by theme, technology and becomes much easier to perform a search tool for TechNet Wiki;

- If your content impact the Council Technet Wiki is inserted as featured on the Technet homepage and also for Microsoft Newsletter (adding professional value to you);

- Are you still recognized with disclosure in social networks, respondent participates in the TechNet Wiki Day, you can even win prizes, that's right, prizes ! !

How to generate content:

And to create content is very, very easy indeed, see the tips below:

- Start addressing issues of how to install a product/solution;

- Discuss issues of integration between one product and another from Microsoft or Microsoft Partners;

- Generate content for how to resolve an error or situation that you explained and/or found in the Technet forum , or Microsoft partners ;

- Replicate your content Personal Blog on Technet Wiki, provided that relevant to the subject;

Some care to generate content:

The TechNet Wiki, to maintain the quality of its content, has some very important rules that you should read to help you write content. In the links below, has some " little rules of thumb":

- Tips & Tricks to Fix the Wiki Article TOC (Table of Contents)
Author: Peter Geelen - MSFT

Wiki: How to Use the Editor
Author: Eric Battalio - MSFT

Wiki: How to Write your First Article
Author: Horizon_Net

- How to Make a Great Wiki Article
Author: Eric Battalio - MSFT

Well that's it folks!

Alan Carlos
Brazilian Wiki Ninja

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  1. Excellent points and great "rules of thumb" article list at the bottom! Thanks, Alan!

  2. Great article Alan! Thanks for sharing!

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