Interview with MVP in Microsoft Project – Ricardo Vargas

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Monday, the day of our Interview Wiki Ninja.

Ricardo Vargas is our interviewee today and one of the most respected professionals in the area of project management.

He is one of the oldest members of the Microsoft community.

Holds the title of MVP in Microsoft Project.



Who are you, where you are and what you do?

My name is Ricardo Vargas, Brazilian, born in Belo Horizonte-MG in Brazil. Currently I live in Copenhagen in Denmark. I'm an expert in project management with 12 published books on the subject. Today I'm world Director of the United Nations and work on service projects ranging from construction of roads, prisons, hospitals to refugee camps.

What are the technologies of your specialty?

I'm not a technology professional, but I'm a Microsoft Project Professional. My story with this tool comes from the Decade of 1990, I passed through the versions of Microsoft Project 98, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. Being my specialty really project management.

How did you become an MVP?

Actually I was invited to participate in the MVP program where I submitted my experiences, being awarded this year with the title. I have a podcast called "5-minute project management" scale of global reach and diverse views. This content is approached from Microsoft Project to aspects of project management.

Do you have any suggestion or tip for other members of the community who hope or aspire to eventually become an MVP?

Any qualification or title you seek, whether through a certification or even an award is something that should add a lot to his work, mainly for being an external recognition. People who want to get to an MVP may not be limited to make a medium-level work and Yes should do a differentiated and work, only for her to place a distinct way. The MVP is precisely to distinguish people who have different capabilities in technologies, being this one of the things that I find very important.

How were you introduced to the TechNet Wiki and what was your first collaboration?

My first contribution was really old, before there was the MVP. I was part of the team that developed the Microsoft Project from 1993 to 1995, with several opportunities to go Redmond-US, meet the people program development team and in 2000 to meet with Bill Gates Chief Office Architect.

This has become a standard and worked on several occasions in partnership with Microsoft. I had an interview promoting the use of best practices in project management presented by Microsoft and therefore Microsoft Project as a platform to support all this.

In addition to the TechNet Wiki, in which other sites more you usually contribute?

I contribute a lot in my own website, which goes from articles, videos and other information.Remember, that I don't contribute only in technological aspect but also in the aspect of project management. And Microsoft Project has a fundamental role to be the platform that will support all these aspects of project management.

What are your major projects now?

My big projects now are more geared toward the United Nations. We have numerous projects, some of them focused on building projects of roads, hospitals and schools. Today stand the Haiti Ministry of health with the creation of maternity hospitals in Afghanistan connect the small towns by roads, projects ranging from the removal of landmines among others. Personally, I'm working on book and Portfolio Management, translating my books that are in the Portuguese language to English and Spanish. I believe a lot of certifications and for that reason I intend to obtain the new Microsoft Project certifications 2013, to get an idea I own all the certifications of Microsoft Project since the first version.

What do you do with the TechNet Wiki and how it fits in your work? What most interests you at TechNet Wiki?

As my work is more focused on project management, writing books, giving lectures I end up not using so often the Technet really limiting me to my site.

Among the articles you contributed to the Technet Community Wiki, what are your Favorites?

Well, actually I didn't posted articles in the community. More on my site one of my favourite articles is the use of the model of multi criteria in managing projects in the portfolio.

Present at the address:

Using the quadratic average (mean) in the qualitative risk analysis being that something very simple to be done using the Microsoft Project Server.

Access Link:

What most impressed him in the Technet Wiki community and why?

Any specific person. But really I would like to add how people value knowledge, their certifications and strive to keep them. Being that many professionals strive to maintain this certification and make an excellent professional differential for all.

The Microsoft community that you can only help so much thank you and tell you. Thank you!

Your willingness to help and your dedication and commitment is of fundamental importance for all.

We are sure, that your example, motivates other employees to be part of this great team that is the Technet Community Wiki.

Continue with the great collaboration.

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  1. An MVP in Microsoft Project! That’s fantastic! It would be great to see you convert some of your blog posts to Wiki articles if you get a chance.

    Thank you for your community contributions!

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