Interview with an MVP and expert in ASP.NET/IIS, Microsoft Azure, Visual C# – Vitor Mendes.

Hello Wiki community.

Today is Monday, the day of our Interview with the Wiki Ninja, Vitor Mendes.

He has been a member of the community since 2009.

He holds the title of MVP in the category/IIS ASP.NET, Microsoft Azure, Visual C #.

He is an author of the blog:

Who are you?

My name is Vitor Mendes, I am 24 years old and I'm from São Paulo - the Capital in Brazil. I'm currently working as a software developer at FCamara, with emphasis on Web technologies, where I had the opportunity to act in large national e-commerce.

Which technologies are you an expert in?

I work with Web technologies, where in 2010 I started with ASP.NET and I identified a lot with it, because I already knew a little about Windows Forms and saw many similarities with ASP.NET, facilitating much my coming into this world through this Web with Microsoft technology. Not just only to ASP.NET, along with it came using C #, which I think is another fantastic technology, widely used in my day-to-day work, and I am very happy Microsoft initiatives evolve this language, mainly to hear community feedback through the Visual Studio User Voice site and then implements the feedback to make sure the C # programming language gets better and better.

How did you become an MVP?

Winning the MVP title in ASP.NET/IIS was something very gracitante, because I always acted in the MSDN forums in order to help and learn from other people's doubts. My only goal was to plant knowledge to gather knowledge, since my first posting in February 19, 2011, with a simple question about "best practices (Stored Procedure)" I didn't stop more than help, this will only grew increasingly. Along with these contributions, some friendships have sprung up along the way, and one of them was Fernando Henrique Ferreira who told me about the MVP Award program. That's when I noticed that big influencers of this community, especially people I .NET me mirrored, still are or have been MVP in the course of their lives. So I signed up to participate in this program and continued helping the ways that I could always, either through forums or through the blog that I keep ( and when I least expected it received an e-mail on July 1, 2013 welcoming the MVP program, there was only joy:). I create at the time a post with more details about this award, you can check out here.

Do you have any suggestion or tip for other members of the community who hope or aspire to eventually become an MVP?

There's not much secret, just be persistent and believe in what you do, but above all do with passion and not just expecting a reward. Help is not a gift as many think, but can be worked over time and when you least expect it, something happens and people are looking at your contributions. The internet can be cruel in a person's life, but be yourself and don't be afraid of making mistakes, everything will flow very naturally. Simply believe that it is possible.

How were you presented to the TechNet Wiki?

I met the TechNet Wiki by Luciano Lima, despite not knowing him personally, had already seen some of his contributions in the TechNet forums and turning your profile ended up on the TechNet Wiki. I found simply amazing ideas of wikis about technology, open to anyone who wants to publish/edit without much bureaucracy.

What was your first collaboration?

It was a post I had made in my blog, to add support for Extension Methods in the .NET Framework 2.0, a feature previously available from C # 3.0:

Adding Extesion support Methods in the .NET Framework 2.0


In addition to your collaborations on the TechNet Wiki, in which other sites do you usually contribute?

I usually publish some posts on a blog that I keep (, where I publish something about .NET, ASP.NET, Visual Studio, events, technology in General, anyway, our related affairs day-to-day. Usually also participate very actively in the MSDN/TechNET forums, because I think it's cool this work to help others, whether in or even those basic questions nobody wants to answer. Because it will take a lot of time thinking and working out a good answer, and if put in place these people and help with questions that sometimes take their precious nights of sleep is very rewarding.

What are your major projects right now?

Currently as I intend to continue helping project in the MSDN forums, however start to participate in other groups, such as DotNetCoders, DotNetArchitects, GUJ among others, because until then I have studied other languages and I intend to continue helping the community independent/technology that I'm acting. Continue strengthening my pace of blog post, with creation of new series about C #, MVC, Web API, sometimes it's hard to find time to write, because above all are professional and we should devote ourselves to the tasks for day-to-day work, and a personal life that I will never give up. So sometimes it's hard to get time, but am struggling.

What makes the TechNet Wiki great, and how does it fit in with your work?

Consider the TechNet Wiki a working tool, as well as the internet is the extension for many and helps in solving day-to-day problems, the TechNet Wiki leaves much to be desired and not always helped me with some infrastructure issues.

What interests you about TechNet Wiki?

The easy dissemination of content, because in recent years the TechNet Wiki has gained a lot of space and respect, with authors who have a great credibility when it comes to Microsoft technologies, not to mention that wikis are not restricted only to the Portuguese language, a design and audacious, plus II and with full support from Microsoft.

Among the articles that have been contributed on Technet Wiki, what are your Favorites?

My favorites were just some wikis that I wrote:

Alternando de navegador no Visual Studio 2010

Estrutura de repetição - foreach


Who impressed you in the Wiki Community and why?

Naming names is complicated, all who contribute do a great job, but there are two people that stand out in my point of view, it is precisely Ed Price Microsoft and Luciano Lima, its efforts to organize the wikis, the periodicity of the publications that they do, because it's always published/changed something new every day and they are always working to maintain this large community organized.


The Microsoft community that you help so much thanks you. Again, thank you!

Your willingness to help and your dedication and commitment is of fundamental importance for all of us.

We are sure that your example motivates other employees to be part of this great team that is the TechNet Wiki community!

Continue with the great collaboration.

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  1. Vitor, it’s great to meet you! I’m working on Azure services for developers now! Thank you for all your contributions!

  2. Prazer em lhe conhecer Vitor! Parabéns pela entrevista e muito obrigado pelas suas contribuições a comunidade!

  3. anonymouscommenter says:

    Ola comunidade Wiki, hoje é o dia de Segunda feira entrevista com o Wiki Ninja.

    Meu nome é

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