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Rahul has won a SharePoint Guru Gold Medal and 5 total medals!

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 1.      Who are you, where are you, and what do you do? What are your specialty technologies?

I am Rahul Ashok Shinde. I am 28 years old married to my beautiful wife Pallavi and we have a cute baby boy called as Shivendra. I am from Pune, Maharashtra India. And here I am working as SharePoint and Social Associate in MNC.

My favourite technologies are ASP.Net, WCF and C#. I have been working on SharePoint technologies for past 6 years. My Other areas of interests are Social collaboration and Mobility. I hold an expertise in social tool like Yammer, Newsgator and mobility with SharePoint sites.

I still remember my first big challenge- when I was just started my life in SharePoint development and I have been assigned a task to create a BDC like web part in WSS3.0.and I am feel pride in saying that I could deliver it within 2 months of time. This success helped me with the momentum and zeal for SharePoint that I have today.

This is me at hill fort Sinhgad near Pune while trekking.

My hobbies include reading books, photography, astronomy, trekking. I started my baby steps in astronomy and learning various things – like spotting stars, planets, other celestial things with my primary telescope. Photography and astronomy helps me to find peace of mind, I always take out time for them from my busy life. I am big fanatic of sports like Cricket, Football and hockey. Very big fan of the cricket legend of Indi; Sachin Tendulkar and biggest Premier league club Manchester United Football Club. Love the “Never say die” attitude of the RED Devils.


  2.      What are your big projects right now?

These days, I'm working towards Social collaboration with Project tasks in Project Server. This would enable real-time collaboration on mobile, also to enable faster decisions and actions.


  3.       What is TechNet Wiki for? Who is it for?

As for me, TechNet Wiki is a never-ending ocean of information. Every bit of information has a great value. TechNet Wiki is for everyone from every aspect of life. Anyone can contribute to it and use it for their daily jobs. The best thing about it is that day by day it gets richer as people contribute to it. It also reaches a wider audience due to multilingual capabilities. TechNet wiki is for everyone, by everyone.

This picture from my camera always says: “With strong will you can stand in extreme conditions”.


4.    4.     What do you do with TechNet Wiki, and how does that fit into the rest of your job?


I love to answer in the forums about SharePoint 2010 and 2013, sometimes I also derive help from forums. There are so many great articles presently that are related to my daily work, and they help me improve my knowledge and enable me to perform my job with better efficiency. Writing a piece of code is not a big deal, but making it better (stylish, more readable to others and performance wise) is a REAL BIG DEAL. TechNet Wiki helps me with that. This has happened so many times that I have gotten the right approach for designing systems from the Wiki; I have got the right direction for the solution from here. TechNet Wiki is like the "Give it and Take it" for technical people. Knowledge increases and sharpens when it gets shared! 


5.    5.     What are your favourite Wiki articles you’ve contributed?


SharePoint 2013: Deep integration of Yammer Search with SharePoint search

SharePoint 2013: Integrate Yammer with SharePoint for Social Feature(s)

SharePoint 2013: Social Features, Community Site

SharePoint 2013: Deploy and apply theme to SharePoint sites with PowerShell

6.    6.    What is it about TechNet Wiki that interests you?


The TechNet Guru of the month competition is the most interesting thing here. This competition is the opportunity to get the article reviewed from judges, and apart from this it encourages people to contribute more, to come up with innovations and to get praised by getting awards. TechNet wiki also increases your capability of technical writing and gives you the chance to put your idea/innovation in front of a big audience.

7.     7.   What do you think about social networks/tools in enterprise? Why are they important nowadays in enterprise?


Those days will be gone soon where people work from a cubical. We are moving towards a future of Virtual offices! And enterprise social networks are the first step towards that future. Social networks provide real-time work experiences. You get in touch with your colleagues easily; you can have updates from colleagues easily. Social networks help you find the right SME’s, and you can get information from them; your issues can get solved, etc. At last social networks help to increase the performance of your company. We have experienced that with Yammer social enterprise networks. I hope Yammer will rock the future soon! I really want to see features like audio, video meetings get setup from yammer. I am just dreaming where I am bicycling and attending conferences with Yammer. I hope that comes true. 🙂

Beautiful sunset from my home.


8.    8.   Who has impressed you in the Wiki community, and why?


All the contributors are doing great job here. But specially Naomi, Ed, Matthew are consistent and active on the community in my category.



Thanks for the great interview, Rahul! And thank you for contributing your great articles! I'm a big fan of your Yammer articles!

Please join me in congratulating Rahul!

   - Ninja Ed


Comments (23)

  1. Shanky_621 says:

    Congrats for getting interviewed.I love the quote ‘TechNet wiki is for everyone by everyone’ we should thank Ed and other Microsoft council members to allow us to post our views dynamically on technet Wiki.
    BTW the place your are sitting is that Lonavla

  2. Excellent interview! I am very happy to meet members of the worldwide community! Nice to meet you Rahul Shinde! Thank you for your contributions!

  3. Nicely done. I always enjoy your articles, especially the Yammer related ones.

  4. Durval Ramos says:

    Great work Rahul !!! Congrats for interview

  5. theSuda says:

    So nice to see my friend getting an oscar.. I mean a medal. Keep it up Rahul. Your obsession with all CMS’s is going to pay off someday.

  6. prashant says:

    Well Done Rahul !!! True Red ..

  7. sagar deshpande says:

    Congrats my dear friend…glad to see ur article..u r following the path shown by Gokhale sir

  8. Naomi N says:

    Great interview and lovely pictures! Congratulations!

  9. Ajay Dandage says:

    Congrats Rahul…nice interview Keep it up

  10. This is a powerful quote from Rahul: ” This has happened so many times that I have gotten the right approach for designing systems from the Wiki; I have got the right direction for the solution from here. TechNet Wiki is like the “Give it and Take it” for technical people.” — This is amazing to see TechNet Wiki have such a big impact on your work!

  11. theSuda, the SharePoint Guru gold medal is like winning the Oscars! =^) — So yes, Rahul has won an Oscar! And then getting this interview is part of what happens when you are so successful! Thanks again to Rahul for all your community contributions!

  12. Vivek Kalaskar, PMP, CSM says:

    Rahul, like the line >>Writing a piece of code is not a big deal, but making it better (stylish, more readable to others and performance wise) is a REAL BIG DEAL.
    Keep it up; and all the best !!!

  13. Shanky_621 says:

    Ed a little correction is to be last sentence you wrote Rajul instead of Rahul..:D

  14. Nice interview guys! Great to learn more about you Rahul! Congratulations, and keep up the good work!

  15. Natarajan Venkataraman - Nats says:

    Rahul, Thanks for your contribution. Continue to do that. I can certainly vouch for the work you have done on Social and collaboration.

  16. Great interview Rahul and amazing work that you do in the community. Your articles are simply superb with so much to learn from each and every article. Keep up the good work and congratulations.

  17. Shanky, thank you for finding the typo. I fixed it!

  18. Rahul,

    I think Yammer will rock the future! I use it to get feedback to my product teams, and it’s been working very well!

  19. Thanks, Saeid. I agree, this was a great interview from Rahul! Very interesting to read!

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