TNWIKI – Article Spotlight – Visual Studio Summit Brazil

Hello Technet Wiki Community!

Today is day Article Spotlight and time to bring to you new stuff!

On 26 of April, I was at Microsoft Headquarters in Brazil participating in the event, Visual Studio Summit Brasil!!!!

About the Event: Click here and here!

A very good event where it has demonstrated new solutions from Microsoft to help the community of Development and Operations, and every day more join these teams to achieve and the customer!

In this event the team TechNet Wiki could not be outside, and we have a presence collecting various information and news to share with the community! So start with the Wiki article on the Microsoft tool: Application Insights!

Application Insights lets you monitor your deployed live application.

This tool is extremely important and should be used by development teams and operations! The Wiki community will be writing more articles about the news of Microsoft and how to use these features in their day to day activities! 

Article: ALM - Using AppInsights

Author: Alan do Nascimento Carlos

Enjoy it!

Alan Carlos
Technet Wiki Ninja Brazil


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  1. This is a great job tying an event into Wiki articles like this! It makes it very interesting!

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