Wiki Life: YOU edited MY article??!

Yep, that's right! That's the beauty of a wiki! A single author creates an article, but a community of authors maintains and refines the article!

Here are a few ways you can edit other peoples articles (you can also apply these tips to your own articles!):

  1. Fix the TOC / Add a TOC (if required)
    Sometimes you'll see an article that could really do with a TOC to make it easier to navigate. Other times, you might see a TOC that is broken. Here are a couple of links to a wiki article that can help you solve both problems. Add A TOC, Fix a TOC

  2. Add tags to help people find the article 
    Tags are really important when it comes to finding articles written about a subject. There's some guidance on this here, User Experience Guidelines (Tags), and here, Technical Editing (Tags)

  3. Correct spelling or grammar
    We blogged about this recently! You can read it here: Wiki Life: Speling an gramma, is it umpotent?
  4. Fix the article Title casing
    Title casing keeps wiki articles looking neat and consistent. It helps us (as a community) to look professional, and keeps emphasis on important words. There's guidance on this in the User Experience Guidlines (Titles and Subtitles) article.
  5. Fix the code formatting

  6. Add (or fix) headings 
    Headings help to break up an article into logical sections, making it easier to read and navigate. There's guidance on this too! You can read it here, User Experience Guidelines (Headings)

  7. Clarification
    Sometimes article paragraphs need to be re-written, revised, condensed, or even removed (if they're not relevant to the article). A small word of caution here; make sure you have a good understanding of the article's subject if you make any major changes!
  8. Add references
    This is generally more relevant to the original author, who should give credit and add references to material that helped them write the article. There is some advice on giving credit, which can be read here, Signatures, Credit and Personalization 
  9. Add a See Also section
    A See Also section can be really helpful in guiding a reader to other relevant resources. Links that go in a See Also section should be to articles of a similar topic that might be of interest or add meaning to the current article.
  10. Tidy up formatting
    Some authors are good at formatting, while others need a little help with it! If you're good at formatting articles (spacing, standardising fonts, headings, bullet points, etc), and you spot an article with poor formatting, then give it some attention! Here are some guidelines on Font and Design.

Finally, if I haven't already put enough links in this post, then here are some more!

Comments (25)

  1. This is a perfect list! I don’t know how many random issues we had where people post on a Wiki but don’t want anyone to edit their article. Well, that’s called a Blog. Wiki is for plugging into the community!

  2. On #9, a great thing to add to each article is a link to that technology’s portal article (which lists all the major articles on that subject that are on TechNet Wiki). Example:

  3. Great article, Matthew!
    #11 Enriching / continue building the article content

  4. Ed, good point re #9! If only this blog post was a wiki article, you could have refined it!!

  5. Peter, great number 11! How did I miss that?!

  6. Durval Ramos says:

    Congrats Matthew! These “ways” are a constant guide, especially for new members. I will create a blog post in “Wiki Ninjas Brazil” quoting these topics that you wrote. I’m sure your post can greatly help to all.

  7. Durval Ramos says:

    I reminded of an occurrence on TechNet Wiki (pt-BR), where a user changed a title and several articles were broken link, so just be careful not to remove the link between old articles when you update a title.

  8. Shanky_621 says:

    Matt,I added tag in Steef’s below article he edited and removed it.I dont know whether he read your this post

  9. Thanks Durval! I wasn’t aware of links breaking when a title is changed. I’ve changed titles before (that other articles link to), and the link is preserved.

    Ed/Peter, can you clarify on this point?

  10. Hey Shanky! Perhaps he removed it unintentionally, or maybe he thought it was an incorrect tag? I don’t know!

    If it’s a real problem, there’s the Wiki Code of Conduct that addresses some of the challenges of collaborating as a community, here:

  11. Shanky_621 says:

    Thanks Matt for responding Tag was correct for sure as it is participating in Technet Guru competition. Tag just means user can find your article .It has no other significance I did not touched content.I also put comment as to why he deleted but he did not responded.Seems arrogant behavior to me .This will surely discourage me from looking at others content and adding tag or other reliable source.This is something TNWiki is not about.

  12. Recep YUKSEL says:

    Thank you Matthew Yarlett.

  13. really useful, thanks!

  14. All good comments above and I think the wiki is a great resource. The ONE thing that often gets me is people making near pointless additions to the tags I put in my articles. Occasionally, I see some edits that have exactly the same article tags I’ve already got there, just in a different order. Just seems easy pickings for points acquisition.

    On a more positive note, my favourite edits are the ones that remove my British English for US English. I’m glad the community gets the ones that I miss. This increases the readability of them

    Other great edits are adding links to other relevant articles and portals that the author might not have known about. I do this with CodePlex stuff. Matt is great this sort of editing.

  15. Steven, that’s actually a Wiki bug. The last edit shows tags re-ordered. It does that as a bug because the “feature” to put the tags in alphabetical order happens as the last step. And so the system reorders the tags and then includes these changes in the History revision as if the last user reordered the tags.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Earlier this year I wrote a series of posts about writing good articles. It’s been a while since

  17. Ed (DareDevil57) says:


  18. Anonymous says:

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