Council Spotlight: Impact of the TechNet Guru Awards (May 2013 – March 2014)

This is an update blog post. The original post is from October 2013.

XAML guy is a member of the TechNet Wiki Community Council, and he owned the area of integrating the MSDN and TechNet forums better with TechNet Wiki.

And so the TechNet Guru Awards were born!


They cause some pain. We've had many debates on the forums about whether or not answers on the forums should be converted to TechNet Wiki articles. And we've written those reasons in detail before. Here are those blog articles:

And while we do that, we've had to be careful not to make the Wiki too much about a competition. And we've had to make sure we don't award articles that shouldn't be awarded (like if a solution was wrong or dangerous).

But overall this last year has had an amazing affect on the Wiki. Let's take a look at that!


May Guru Awards: TechNet Guru Contributions - May 2013

  • 23 New Articles
    • 8 Visual C# Articles!
  • New Categories:
    • Visual C#
    • SharePoint 2010
    • Transact-SQL
    • Visual Basic
    • Windows Phone Apps


June Guru Awards: TechNet Guru Contributions - June 2013

  • 63 New Articles!
    • 20 SharePoint Articles!
    • 9 T-SQL Articles
  • New Categories:
    • BizTalk
    • Small Basic
    • SSAS
    • SSIS
    • SSRS/Power View
    • Windows Store Apps
    • WPF


July Guru AwardsTechNet Guru Contributions - July 2013

  • 59 New Articles!
    • 12 SharePoint Articles!
    • 9 Windows Store Apps Articles
  • New Categories:
    • FIM
    • SharePoint 2013 (added to SharePoint 2010)
    • Power Pivot (added to SSAS)
    • SQL Server DBE


August Guru AwardsTechNet Guru Contributions - August 2013

  • 79 New Articles!
    • 25 BizTalk Articles!
    • 12 Visual C# Articles!
    • 11 T-SQL Articles!
    • 9 SSRS/SSIS Articles
    • 8 SharePoint Articles


September Guru AwardsTechNet Guru Contributions for September 2013

  • 56 New Articles!
    • 8 T-SQL Articles
    • 8 BizTalk Articles


October Guru AwardsTechNet Guru Contributions for October 2013

  • 69 New Articles!
    • 15 SharePoint Articles!
    • 11 Windows Server Articles!
    • 8 BizTalk Articles
    • 7 Visual C# Articles 
  • New Categories:
    • Windows Server
    • Power BI (added to SQL BI & Power Pivot)


November Guru AwardsTechNet Guru Contributions for November 2013

  • 52 New Articles!
    • 10 Windows Server Articles!
    • 9 BizTalk Articles
  • New Category:
    • SQL Server General (added to SQL Server DBE)


December Guru AwardsTechNet Guru Contributions for December 2013

  • 57 New Articles!
    • 9 Windows App Dev Articles
    • 9 SQL BI & Power BI Articles
    • 8 BizTalk Articles


January Guru AwardsTechNet Guru Contributions for January 2014

  • 70 New Articles!
    • 13 Windows Server Articles!
    • 9 SQL Server & DBE Articles
    • 9 T-SQL Articles
    • 7 BizTalk Articles
    • 7 SharePoint Articles 
    • 7 SQL BI & Power BI Articles
    • 7 Windows App Dev Articles


February Guru AwardsTechNet Guru Contributions for February 2014

  • 61 New Articles!
    • 8 BizTalk Articles
    • 8 Visual C# Articles
    • 8 Windows Server Articles
    • 7 SharePoint Articles
  • New Categories:
    • Wiki & Portals
    • System Center


March Guru AwardsTechNet Guru Contributions for March

  • 50 New Articles!
    • 7 SharePoint Articles


Overall, here is what the impact has been (from May to March):

  • 639 New Articles!

  1. 99 SharePoint Articles!
  2. 88 BizTalk Articles!
  3. 68 T-SQL Articles!
  4. 62 Visual C# Articles! 
  5. 60 SQL BI & Power BI Articles!
  6. 56 Windows Store App & Win Phone Articles!
  7. 52 Windows Server Articles!
  8. 32 VB Articles!
  9. 31 Small Basic Articles!
  10. 30 WPF Articles!
  11. 24 SQL Server & DBE Articles!
  12. 18 FIM Articles!
  13. 8 Wiki & Portals Articles!
  14. 6 System Center Articles!

  • 120 Award Winners!
  • More new article authors and editors than any other program or initiative! We've grown a new generation of contributors!
  • Because the focus was initially on MSDN development forums, the message is clearer than ever that TechNet Wiki is for Developers too!




So special thanks to XAML Guy and to all the TechNet Guru contributors who make this possible!

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (14)

  1. I’m updating the Overall Articles section at the bottom.

  2. Alright. I’m all done now.

  3. BRAVO!!!!Council Spotlight: Impact of the TechNet Guru Awards (May 2013 – March 2014)

  4. Shanky_621 says:

    If you calculate growth yearly we had avrage of 60 % that too we had not reached May 2014. 60 % growth in 11 month is incedibly awesome.Thanks to Ed and and Pete for idea.And thanks to all Technet wiki contributor.

  5. That’s a good point. Thanks, Shanky!

  6. Durval Ramos says:

    These numbers clearly show the evolution of our TechNet Wiki in the last year through the TechNet Guru awards! Congrats XAML Guy by genius idea that changed the course of the TechNet Wiki and thanks Ed for believing and hear people that are not Microsoft Employees.

  7. You’re welcome, Recep! I’m glad to calculate this out and help prove such a huge impact!

  8. Durval, you’re welcome. We started TechNet Wiki with 80% Microsoft employees writing the content and 20% community content. Now the tables have turned and we’re 95% community driven!

  9. Shanky_621 says:

    Ed that is great..its like democracy with power to people 😀

  10. Shanky, yes! We want more people in the community running it then Microsoft. Same thing with this blog and with the TechNet Wiki Community Council. Speaking of this blog, I’ll be waiting patiently for you to finish 20 articles. Then I’ll ask if you want to join us on the blog! Because you met all the other requirements already. Thank you for all your contributions in the community!

  11. Shanky_621 says:

    Thank you ED..In Technet April Guru contribution I cajoled V.Vt to finally add his article, and in May contribution I requested Richard douglas to do do. I am happy I am bringing more members to this community.Regarding joining blog I would love to but with articles milestone I might take me some time as Technet articles quality bar which is set has to be met with new articles which are being created.

  12. Anonymous says:

    History of TechNet Guru
    First of all, if you don’t know the history of TechNet Guru, then you

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