Wiki Life: Are you right in making it a rite to write?

Well, whether or not you make it a personal rite to write, it's great that we have a right to the freedom of information! And at the TNWiki, if you've got a Windows Live account, then you can exercise that right by creating articles and sharing your knowledge and experience!

Not only that, you can do a whole lot more! Here's just a few ways you can contribute to the TechNet wiki!

  1. Create an article

    This one is pretty obvious, but also very important!

  2. Help with translations

    I wrote an article a couple of weeks about spelling and grammar. It spawned a wiki article, created by Pituach, for submitting translated articles that need spelling or grammatical checking (you can read it here). If you can write in multiple languages fluently, or just have good written skills in your native language, perhaps you can help? Subscribe to notifications for that article, and help improve translated articles!

  3. Champion a TAG

    You can perform searches of wiki using TAGs. An example would be, getting all the articles tagged with "SharePoint", using the following URL:

    When I say, "Champion a TAG", I mean, pick a subject area and take responsibility for the quality of articles being added or updated for that subject. Use a URL like the one above to keep an eye on all the articles written about a particular subject. Regularly check for new and updated articles. It's an easy way to notice articles that need some improvement.

  4. Be a spelling King or grammar Queen!

    Regularly check articles for spelling and grammatically mistakes, then fix them! They might only be minor changes, but it vastly improves the readability and quality of an article!

  5. Be an encourager!

    If you read a good article, leave a comment for the authors! It could be a comment for improvements, or just a comment to say "great article, thanks!"

  6. Enjoy learning from the wiki articles?

    Then be an evangelist and spread the word! Tell people about it, and encourage them to get involved!

  7. Be a TAGGER (and I don't mean graffiti!).

    Keep an eye on new and updated articles. If you spot an article that is missing obvious tags, then tag it! It only takes a few seconds, but helps save people hours searching!

  8. Enter the TechNet Wiki Guru competition!

    It's a great way to get motivated to "go the extra mile" to polish your article. You'll get a nice sense of satisfaction if your article wins a medal, and the community really benefits from the extra effort in content and quality invested into your articles!

Above all, enjoy sharing information, and never take for granted the wonderful privilege we have to create, store and share quality knowledge amongst a global audience! Remember how hard is was to research information 15 years ago? It doesn't take much to appreciate how good we have it now!

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  1. Pete Laker says:

    Very nice article Matt

    Become a TechNet guru and establish your authority in your favoured technology!

  2. Davut EREN says:

    Thank you for excellent article Matthew

  3. Durval Ramos says:

    Matthew, this is a good guideline for all.


  4. Shanky_621 says:

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  5. Matthew, I love the PUNNY titles! I’ll always enjoy taking the PUNishment from an authoring PUNdit like you!

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  7. Ps. Ed, it feels alRIGHT to get some good comments! Thanks!

  8. This is a great blog post. Thanks Matthew.

  9. congratulations!!!!!!!! right article in a right place write right a right time.

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