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Hello Technet community! Today is day Article Spotlight and I will talk about Windows Azure and one of its most spectacular services it offers.

Windows Azure, besides offering Cloud services to their solutions, offers testing and monitoring to assist in their software development environments.

System Center Global Service

You need to know about the issues that affect users as soon as possible, preferably before application users to observe and report the problem. With the growth of SaaS , current techniques are insufficient for monitoring and identification of external factors that can negatively impact these applications.
The Global System Center Service Monitor is a cloud service that solves this problem by extending the capabilities of monitoring applications in System Center beyond the limits of your organization's own network . Monitor Global Points of Presence Services uses Windows Azure to help give you a true reflection of the experience of a web application with end users.


Global System Center Service Monitor helps achieve a 360-degree view of the status of their web applications.

It uses points of presence of Windows Azure worldwide, generating reports on performance, availability and operation of web applications for scheduling and execution of synthetic transactions against the application from Windows Azure.

Global System Center Service Monitor also helps to unify processes and tools, integration with Microsoft Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server to enable new scenarios DevOps to align operations and development.

The Global System Center Service Monitor can save time by building synthetic transactions existing web testing of Microsoft Visual Studio and problem solving speed , offering to issue reports based on direct IntelliTrace for Team Foundation queued work item from the server a developer.

System Center, Microsoft Team Foundation Server and Microsoft Visual Studio also allows DevOps scenarios for managing test lab, integrated incident management, diagnostics and production. These features help to reduce cycle times in managing test environments and reduce MTTR ( mean time to repair ) in resolving production incidents . Visit the Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management site (ALM) for more information about these features DevOps.

Learn more by reading this TechNet article on the subject.

ALM - DevOps - System Center Global Service Monitor - Overview
Author: Alan do Nascimento Carlos

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