Friday with International Community Update – French Articles about Windows Server

Hi everyone, and welcome to our "Friday - International Update" post!

Today I will focus on French wiki articles dedicated to Windows Server.

How To Find French Wiki Articles ?

To view a complete list of French wiki articles related to SharePoint, you can use these links:

Who are the Contributors?

Perhaps should I say "Contributor" instead of "Contributors", as almost all these articles have been written by Philippe Levesque (Yagmoth555)!

Thanks to Hezequias Vasconcelos to write articles in this category, too 🙂

If someone is missing in the list, please tell me and I will update it.


Articles List

Here is the list of all articles in the "Windows" category:

By the way, you can have a look at the article Guide ultime des articles français du WIKI (fr-FR) to find all French articles on the TechNet Wiki!


Benoît, The French Wiki Niinja

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  1. The server is hardware or a software the the windows server or what we call the sever is both harware and software..

  2. Yagmoth555 says:

    Hi, thanks for the mention :), and thanks guys for your help in the french section !!

  3. Hello Ben. Thanks for mentioning my name. Yagmoth555 wrote great articles in this area. Congratulations to him.

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