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Hello Community!

Welcome to Tuesday's TechNet Wiki Article Spotlight!
Today's topic discusses a very important issue which is the ALM integration of Microsoft Applications.

I know some may say, Alan you always talk about this subject. Yes my friends, I speak!

But I have a "moral obligation" to speak more on this subject, even when there is little material in the community about it and we need to promote more content on ALM integrations and what Microsoft is doing to bring these " worlds" into one.

And particularly, I love ALM Integrations and DevOps ! :)

We have great articles on various third party technologies that work seamlessly with Microsoft solutions, and today I bring you two articles .

ALM - Enterprise Architect with Visual Studio (pt-br)
Author: Alan Nascimento Carlos

ALM - Enterprise Architect with Team Foundation Server (pt- br)
Author: Alan Nascimento Carlos

Note: I'll be translating the articles for the English language.

What's the benefit of these integrations?

Well that's it, hope you enjoyed it!

Until next time folks!

Alan Carlos
Brazilian Wiki Ninja

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