TNWiki Article Spotlight – Business Intelligence

The need to provide accurate data analysis and to display the same information in different ways becomes knowledge.

It's Business Intelligence (BI) and everyday it becomes more important for big business decisions.

Today, the data integration from multiple sources is increasing, to act on that information to increase productivity and to provide feedback that improves underlying business processes is very important.

There are several ways to create and consume a structure of "self-service" in BI, the vast majority of solutions available are created to collect this data using Excel or SharePoint.

In the TechNet Wiki we have good articles about BI. See some of these listed below:

– A Practical Example of How to Handle Simple Many to Many Relationships in Power Pivot/SSAS Tabular Models

– Currency Conversion in SSAS 2012 (Multidimensional & Tabular)

– Data Virtualization Using Power Query

– How to Use the SQL Server Data Mining Add-ins with PowerPivot for Excel

– PowerPivot: Grouping By Dates (Months, Quarters, Years, etc.) in PivotTables

– Query Power Pivot DMVs with VBA

– SharePoint Server 2013 Business Intelligence Test Lab

– System Center Service Manager Data Warehouse and Reporting

– Tutorial: Create Charts, Tiles, and Other Visualizations in Project Crescent

– We’ve Got The Power: "Power BI", New Microsoft BI Suite Announced

Wiki Ninjas offer quality content and knowledge for data analysis. BI is a way to transform your information!

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