Curah portal, What are the Nations that contribute to the portal?

Hello Wiki community Ninjas, continuing from this post written 20 days ago:

...I would like to show all Nations who are contributing to the growth of the Curah portal, but we will take a cue from the first post written recently by explaining what the Curah portal is.

Curah is a simple and fun way to help others to find great content on the Internet. It is a service that allows you to share your experience with others, gathering sources that are really useful, accurate and reliable, adding their own knowledge and make then all available for whoever has the need and necessity of information with reliable and quality samples.


See below for all Nations and languages of articles so far that are written and published on the portal.

As you can see from the above image since it was conceived and created the portal curah there are already the contributions of as many as 20 nationalities, primarily the English language, where we can also see how many curations we can find for all our needs; we can see contributions on ASP.Net, which is ideal for those who want to develop Web, advanced documentation on C# language on AdoNet, and most is regarding work with disconnected data from one or more databases, but not all; you can also find several and various topics on Linq, WPF, and whatnot.

In addition, when you select a country/language, you will notice that on the left side of your monitor, you are brought out the 6 best contributions and probably more consulted by users, as shown in the following figure:

Without forgetting about all the other Nations/Languages, as we have seen in the first picture that give a great contribution; anyway here is a list of all the Nations/Languages that so far have contributed on the portal:

So what are you waiting for? Do as much as possible, continue your contributions, and share your experiences to grow the community in every respect, both cultural and technical. And make sure that all your knowledge, skills, and experience can be useful to those who are either beginning their activities, or for those who has some problem on a wide topic, and you can ensure that this portal can help people find a solution that allows them to solve their problems.

For those who decide to start writing some interesting article or Curah curation, I will leave here this short procedure, in the hope that it will be sufficiently clear and understandable:

For all the Wiki articles about Microsoft Curah, see Curah! Portal

Contributed by Numerous People 🙂

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