Interview with Júlio Battisti

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Our interview is special.

Why will talk about a writer reference when it comes to Microsoft technology.

He is Júlio Battisti.

He is the author of several books, e-books, articles and other technical materials. 

He was featured on the home page Official Microsoft as the MVP Insider.

 He is the author of various articles of network infrastructure and Microsoft technologies for Ecode10:

Has several bibliographies listed by Microsoft Technet for it professionals:


Let's meet Júlio Battisti

Who are you?

Júlio Battisti is a native of Boqueirão do Leão - RS in Brazil and graduated in electrical engineering from Universidade Federal de Santa Maria - RS - in Brazil. Microsoft Certified Professional (MCSE 2000 and 2003, MCSA 2000 and 2003, MCSD, MCP, MCP + I, MCSE, MCSE + I, MCDBA), approved in 31 official Microsoft certification exams. Was a substitute teacher at the technical college in UFSM and in computer courses and preparation for competitions, teaching Mathematical disciplines and logical reasoning. Also is an instructor of computer science for classes of various companies, in subjects such as technology and infrastructure and Microsoft development products, SQL Server 2000, Windows 2000 Server and ASP.NET, TCP/IP, networking, Microsoft Access, VBA and Windows XP. Coach of the Irs since 1995. Performs the following functions: Local Manager of the client/server Environment, Lotus Notes Administrator, Local Security Manager and Webmaster, responsible for the Intranet at the station. Is also responsible for technical training. Author of 31 Books in it, being the most successful to date the book: Windows Server 2003 – full course, 1476 pages, which hit the House of 25,000 copies sold.

Creator and responsible for the content and maintenance of the sites: and

The portal offers free and paid courses, technical papers, articles on career and job tips, books and computer tutorials. Currently created his own publishing company (Alpha Institute), in partnership with his colleague Silvio Ferreira, through which already has 10 published books and a forecast of over 9 books to be published in 2014, including Windows Server 2012 R2-complete guide of studies, which will take about 1600 pages.

What are the technologies that you're an expert in?

Office, Programming VBA and VB.NET, Windows Server, SQL Server, Digital Marketing and affiliates.

In your opinion: What is the value of the Microsoft TechNet and MSDN Community for IT professionals?

They are an excellent platform for exchanging information and provides differentiated and relevant content. A great differentiator.

What was your first collaboration in Microsoft technologies?

Publication of free content in, about Windows Server, TCP/IP, SQL Server, Excel, Access, VBA, etc. Today there are more than 75,000 pages of content entirely free.

In which locations, do you usually contribute to the knowledge of professionals in Microsoft technologies?

Facebook, Youtube, Google + and on my site.
What are the projects now?

9 new books until the end of 2014 (Access advanced, the Advanced Access, Excel's Bible, the Bible of Excel, SQL Server, Windows Server 2012 2012, security in Windows 8, Windows 8 for advanced users and Network Managers, VBA programming in Access 2010, Excel 2010 VBA Programming), creation of paid subscriptions to content produced by Julius Battisti, new online courses, a cluster of several new sites/blogs and niche affiliate website platform.


Does the knowledge base provided by the TechNet Wiki and MSDN Community fit in your work? How so?

Yes, because I get access to the community daily to read articles, take questions, and do the free courses online.

What interests you the most about the TechNet Wiki community?

The Excellent content that is made available.

What are your favorite items?

This is a difficult issue, because there are more than 2500 articles. I really like articles on TCP/IP and on Windows Server 2003 (only there are more than 250 articles/lessons).

Who impressed him on the Microsoft Technet and MSDN?

Nobody in particular. The highlight is for the community as a whole.

Julio, the Microsoft community that you help thanks you so much. Thank you!

Your willingness to help and your dedication and commitment is of fundamental importance for all.

We are sure, that your example, motivates other employees to be part of this great team that is the Technet community.

Continue with the great collaboration!

Wiki Ninja Hezequias Vasconcelos

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  1. Thank you, Julio, for your contributions to the Microsoft community!

    It would be great if you could also put community versions of your article on TechNet Wiki. Thanks again!

  2. As I said, it was with the teaching material that Julio got my first Microsoft certification.

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