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Hello community Wiki Ninjas , in this post I will describe everything that concerns the portal Curah .
What is the portal Curah ?

Curah is a fun and easy way to help others find great content on the internet. It is a service that allows you to share your experience with others , gathering sources that are truly useful, accurate and reliable , adding their knowledge and then make it available to all those who have the need and necessity of reliable information with examples and quality .

I want to contribute with a curation , what are the steps to follow?
Nothing could be simpler :

http://curah.microsoft.com - Sign in using your Microsoft account ( Live ID).
• Create your own profile , include your name, an email address , a short biography , a URL to your website , and a picture of the profile.
• Choose the topic that you'd like to share with the community , something that in the past and will come in handy .
• Create curation using your favorite links for connecting / s you have chosen, and good thing to explain why the link is useful . You can create your curation in your native language and set the preferred language in the portal.
After the whole process of creating your curation , click the Publish button , and your curation will be published on the portal curah !

Let's see an example of how to start writing our first curation .
Let's login to the portal and we click with the mouse on the button " New Curation ," we shall be brought to this screen.

We assign a meaningful title to our curation, enter a description as written directly in the "Describe your topic in your own words, and Provide context and advice that tells your reader how this curation may help them."
We specify the keywords related to our curation in order to make it easier and easier to find content for users, there will be more keywords, the more our curation will be easy to trace.
We select a language for our curation, the default language and English, but we can also choose to publish it in other languages.
Another important thing is to add the link as shown in the bottom of the page, click your mouse a page so we initially composed.

We should enter a URL to the site where we have the resource to be shared , a title expressive as ever , as explained in the portal "Add a title or feel free to edit the extracted title I know That it fits in with your curation as a whole . Consider adding phrases : such as "Start here ..." or " For troubleshooting ... ", etc. . "
Provide a description of our curation and what it is , add the name of the author who has decided to share / I own articles on the portal and then enter the name of the website where you go to collect resources .
Note that you can add all the links we want, more if you are , the more our curation will have value and more users will be attracted to see, read and benefit from our contributions .
After this procedure we have to save the content , we do it by selecting the Save button and then click the Publish button .
If all goes well here is our curation visible on the home page as shown.

Clicking on our curation as visible in the upper right would be taken to the details page as shown below.

For those wishing to deepen the knowledge on the portal, remember that you have the FAQ, found in the top right corner of the home page button FAQ button immediately next to My curations, in that section there are the frequently asked questions and all the necessary information for begin to write and share their knowledge and experience.


Good curation at all  🙂 ?

Find the TechNet Wiki articles about Curah! here: Curah! Portal

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