TNWiki Article Spotlight – Articles About Yammer

Hi everybody, welcome to our TNWiki Article Spotlight.

Today I want to highlight some articles about Yammer.

I choose this technology for this blog post, because:

  • I really like it !
  • They are not much wiki articles about Yammer, so it's a good way to promote it...

How to Find Yammer Articles?

You can use the search feature and launch a search with the keyword "Yammer', you will find (only) 25 results on the Wiki.

Articles List

Here are some interesting English articles:

 And some French articles:

I want also to mention Ed's stub article named Yammer, that I will update soon; you should update it too if you have any thoughts on this technology!

Benoît, the French Wiki Ninja

Comments (15)

  1. I imagine the article count for Yammer related content will spike once the roadmap for its SharePoint integration is (hopefully) made clearer at SPC14

  2. @Hezequias : Thanks !
    @ Steven : I think that’s what many people are waiting for …

  3. Special thanks to Rahul for targeting Yammer as a topic!

  4. That’s great to see this content listed like this! Thanks, Benoit! Do we have a Yammer portal yet? If not, Benoit, can you turn this into a Yammer portal and enter the portal into the “Wiki and Portals” category for the February TechNet Guru contest? Thanks!

  5. Thanks for highlighting these Benoit!

  6. Ps. Nice short and concise post too!

  7. Davut EREN says:

    Thank you Benoit. Good Share.

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