Interview with a Wiki Ninja – Rodrigo Romano

Hello community Wiki Ninjas!

Today is Monday, the day of our Interview with a Wiki Ninja.

Our interviewee is Rodrigo Romano.

He is a member of the community since July 23 of 2009.

Author of the article featured SharePoint 2013: Farm Solutions versus Apps in the home of the Technet Wiki Brazil.

Forum Moderator from SharePoint MSDN Community.

Let's meet Rodrigo Romano.

Who are you?


My name is Rodrigo A. Romano. I'm from São Caetano do Sul - SP. Manager specialist SharePoint in TOTVS Consulting. Specializing in consulting area of TOTVS.






My blog is the place that I update more frequently. I divulge my personal experiences experienced during the projects, troubleshooting tips and information relevant to the community and more. The hint is in the SharePointers group. Group of the biggest influencers of SharePoint. Used to disseminate content and technology-related information. You are welcome to join the group.

What are the technologies you specialize in?

I specialize in SharePoint products and technologies.

For this reason I know other technologies that involve SharePoint, such as:

How did you learn about TechNet Wiki?

I knew about the TechNet Wiki as soon as it was released. I noticed several posts of evangelizers and influencers at Microsoft talking about the subject. At the time it generated some curiosity.

What was your first collaboration on TechNet Wiki?

If I'm not mistaken, my first contribution was Como lidar com listas grandes no SharePoint 2010 published on 16 apr 2012.

 In what other communities do you contribute?

As I mentioned, the place that contribute is my blog. I am a moderator of the MSDN Forum for SharePoint. It is very common to find me there, exercising moderation activities or answering questions from the community.

I contribute to the portal Linha de Código and to Stackoverflow.

It's amazing how to answer the questions of the staff, help in strengthening and consolidation of its knowledge. The feeling of accomplishment when somebody replies: "thanks! My question was answered! "is amazing.

Keep also projects on Codeplex:

What are your big projects right now?

I created a Framework to help bring developers of other technologies for SharePoint. I did some tests with people who neither knew the platform and to the time they start producing efficiently has been reduced drastically.

Plan to consolidate these methods and create a guide/training to help form these developers more effectively.

 How does the TechNet Wiki fit in your work?

I use basically the same way that led me to create and maintain my personal blog: publish articles that can help me in the future, in any reference or even in their own content.

Always consult these articles to help me in any work activity, they are like an extension of my memory.

What interests you about the TechNet Wiki?

The scope and mainly the possibility of involving the contribution of others.

I think that the main advantage compared to the blog: the text is alive and dynamic.

The updated content to help a larger number of people.

 What are your favorite articles in the TechNet Wiki Community?

We always have a special relationship with the first.

  1. Criar e Importar Thesaurus - SharePoint 2013
  2. Instalar o SharePoint 2010 no Windows 8
  3. Farm Solutions x Apps - SharePoint 2013
  4. Instalar o SharaPoint 2010 Farm Mode no Windows 7
  5. Entendendo a estrutura de eventos recorrentes no SharePoint

Who impressed you in the TechNet Wiki Community?

For me, I believe the major reference is Hezequias Vasconcelos (and it wasn't because he did this interview with me!):)

All kidding aside, we were involved in other activities, or even by contributions on the blog and it's always good to see people contributing so assiduously to improve or to help in the knowledge of other people.

In fact, looking at the evolution of his contributions, I was amazed!

 He inspires everyone to be involved with the community.

I would like to congratulate all the people involved in this project of TW who contribute on a voluntary basis with the entire community.

I invite the community to offer congratulations to Rodrigo Romano.

Our objective, which is to help people in the quest for knowledge, is completed by the actions from our vast community.


Thanks for all your contributions!

Wiki Ninja Hezequias Vasconcelos

Comments (5)

  1. Great interview! Thank you for your contributions TechNet Wiki community!

  2. The photo is from Magic Kingdom in Disney World! =^)

  3. Rodrigo, it’s really impressive that, in addition to SharePoint, you also branched out and learned a lot of the integrated technologies as well! It’s also wonderful to see Hezequias having an impact on you and inspiring you!

    Thank you for all your contributions to the community!

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