MVP Open Day – Brazil

Hello Community. 

During the weekend there was the MVP open day in Brazil. The event was very productive, we had the participation of many Brazil MVPs. The event focused on the TechNet Wiki in Brazil, and Fernando Lugão and myself were at the event. It was phenomenal.

Below is the photo of the event in Brazil.

This is our Sunday Surprise!

- MVPs

- Luciano Lima , Luiz Henrique

Daniel Donda , Luciano Lima , Luiz Henrique

A big hug to everyone.

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Comments (9)

  1. Awesome! They have a Brazil MVP summit!

    What city was it in? Do most of the Brazil MVPs come? Was there a session about TechNet Wiki?

    Thanks, Luiz!

  2. Durval Ramos says:

    It’s great to see that the MVPs TechNet Wiki on MVP Summit Brazil. I hope have emerged new ideas to motivate the our Community.

  3. Great post Luiz! This is a great team of community Wiki Ninjas Brazil. It is thanks to the example and one that we constitute a solid and always persevering community teachings.

  4. Hey, on the last photo you only mention 3 names… Who’s the one on the far right side?

  5. You all seem to be wearing the same blue shirt… then it dawned on me that they are a special MVP shirt. That’s great. Nicer than the usual white T-shirts! Although we have some amazing white T-Shirts coming for Wiki Ninjas. =^)

    Thanks, Luiz!

  6. Hey Ed,

    I asked to Craig to get a WikiNinjas t-shirt, maybe we can also get a picture like that.. 🙂

  7. Very good job indeed.Thank you!!!

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