Monday – Interview with Wiki Ninja Thiago Guirotto

Hello to the Wiki Ninjas community!

Today is Monday, the day of our Interview with a Wiki Ninja.

Our interviewee is Thiago Guirotto.

He has been a member of the community since 2010.

He's the author of this blog:

Let's get to know him!

Who are you?

My name is Thiago Guirotto de Oliveira. I'm from Araçatuba-SP now live in Curitiba - Paraná - Brazil. I work as infrastructure analyst at a large company called CIEE/PR. I work in the preparation and implementation of projects aimed at the area of it infrastructure. I'm part of a group of influencers MTAC - Microsoft Technical Audience Contributor. I'm MCT - Microsoft Certified Training really enjoying to cooperate in the training of other professionals in the area.

What technologies are your specialty?

I'm expert on Windows Server and Client, Active Directory, virtualization and Private Cloud. Seek to enhance my knowledge in the family of System Center technologies and Office 365.

How did you become an MTAC?

I work in the community since 2010.I started with contributions posts on my blog, answer the questions in the TechNet Forum, write articles on TechNet Wiki and create Webcasts. In this year of 2013, I received the invitation of Fabio Hara for joining the MTAC, group of Microsoft influencers with a mission to disseminate free knowledge. I was very happy to have received this invitation.

Suggestion for community members become a MTAC?

Yes. My tip is that people never think about the contribution time as a bargaining chip. Contribute because she likes to help, join because it's good work for the knowledge of other professional colleagues. When you do a job with the heart, desire to reciprocate, everything becomes easy and the recognition comes naturally. Create your blog or use the Technet Wiki and start with simple articles. Help on the forums and also on TechNet Wiki, make sure that the reward will come soon.

As was presented to the TechNet Wiki?

I don't remember for sure. In the Community Zone of 2012 in Bragança Paulista, that's where I met the TechNet Wiki. The benefits and flexibility of the tool to the community is amazing. At this point, I started to use the platform more often. Collaborate across multiple channels and in General.

What was the first collaboration?

My first collaboration was Solucionando Problemas: Erros comuns da conversão P2V utilizando o System Center Virtual Machine.

In addition to the TechNet Wiki, in which other sites usually contribute?

I contribute in Forums TechNet and MSDN, my site On the site I have several published articles, with videos and webcasts. Keep with Eduardo Sena - MSP-Microsoft Student Partner and now it's MVP a study group on Linkedin and Facebook WSG – Windows Study Group and Quintas de TI.

WSG – Windows Study Group no Linkedin

WSG – Windows Study Group no Facebook

What are your projects?

I have related projects the technologies System Center and virtualization. Currently my main project in the community is Quintas da TI. He is independent project which aims to make Thursday a series of webcasts. I work together with friends Eduardo Sena and Erick Albuquerque. In the year 2013, were conducted 13 webcasts, spread over 3 months, held every Thursday, totaling almost 16 lectures, with much learning and knowledge benefiting almost 300 people. In this year of 2014, our goal is to intensify the Quintas de TI and increase contributions to the TechNet Wiki.

To learn more about Quintas da TI:

TechNet Wiki helps you at work?

The TechNet Wiki is a source of content. I use it to make any kind of query or search by Microsoft technical documentation. The platform fits perfectly in my work and in my team of experts. We use it as a portal to share and provide knowledge.

What interests you in the TechNet Wiki?

The TechNet Wiki is interesting for what it offers, flexibility, quality of documents and articles created by excellent professionals. In this environment we have the opportunity to collaborate, interact, exchange knowledge and keep us always updated. It is excellent.

What are your favorite articles on Technet Wiki?

It was a series of articles which is part of the Guia de Sobrevivência do System Center Advisor.

Como Funciona – System Center Advisor 2012

Conheça - System Center Advisor 2012

Início. System Center Advisor

Instalando System Center Advisor Gateway

Grupo de Segurança – System Center Advisor

It was very nice.

Who impressed you at Technet Community Wiki?

Many impressed me. If it was naming names would be many. I can only say that the Brazilian community is to be congratulated. Activates and immense quality in each article created or updated on the TechNet Wiki.

I invite the community to say congratulations to Wiki Ninja Thiago Guirotto.

The Microsoft Technet and MSDN Community really appreciates your work.

Its focus on helping those in need of knowledge is of utmost importance for the community.

We are sure, that your example, motivates others to always want to do good.

Thanks for all your contributions!

Wiki Ninja Hezequias Vasconcelos

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  1. Thank you, Thiago for all your contributions!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to another episode of Interview with a Wiki Ninja!!! Earlier today, Hezequias gave us a great

  3. Nice! Thiago their contributions are important to the community!

  4. Thanks guys, I am very happy to contribuite to the TechNet Wiki and Wiki Ninjas, can continue counting on me!!!! – Thiago Guirotto.

  5. Davut EREN says:

    thank you for your contributions Thiago Guirotto

  6. Tiago Balabuch says:

    Congrats my friend! You always are publishing excellent articles… [tag:MTAC] #WikiNinjas

  7. anonymouscommenter says:

    Ola comunidade Wiki, hoje é o dia de Segunda feira entrevista com o Wiki Ninja.

    Meu nome é

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