Interview with a Wiki Ninja and Turkish Avenger — Davut EREN

Welcome to another episode of Interview with a Wiki Ninja!!!

Earlier today, Hezequias gave us a great interview with a Portuguese contributor, Thiago!

Now I'm proud to announce an interview with a valuable Turkish contributor in our always-growing international community…


Davut EREN's avatar 

Davut EREN – TAT


Davut is a member of our Turkish Avenger Team (TAT)! You can find his blog posts on the Turkish blog (and soon on this one)! Check out his Turkish blog posts here:

davut eren


Here are some of Davut's accomplishments:

  • 54 Wiki Articles
  • 353 Wiki Edits
  • 169 Wiki Comments
  • 12 Turkish Wiki Ninja Blog Posts
  • 66 Blog Comments


That's fantastic! Thank you, Davut for these community contributions!

Let's get to the interview!


Who are you, where are you, and what do you do? What are your specialty technologies?

Image: It is me! ­čÖé  

I was born in Balikesir and living in the beautiful city of izmir in Turkey. I have been in the sector approximately for 10 years, and for a long time I have been a part of IT projects in the banking sector. Currently I am working in a corporate firm as a System Manager, and in this position I have managed various projects in the System Center. I have been trying to explain my experience with the articles I have published. From now on I will be sharing my experience via Technet Wiki. Additionally, you can follow me with the following links: and

My special technology is Active Directory and System Center Family.


What are your big projects right now?

Image: A 2014 Award in Aykanlar – Best Project Award Deployment with SCCM 2012

I completed a big deployment project with SCCM in my company for which I was recently awarded. Nowadays, I have been preparing for an MCT certification. I, together with my team, wrote an e-book about Microsoft Infrastructure Management and about System Center Service Manager (SCSM 2012), (I improve it, day one day.)  I have also been preparing to write a new e-book about System Center Configuration Manager. And also planning to give a seminar in end of july 2014 about System Center with my team friends. Really, I love System Center Family.

What do you do with TechNet Wiki, and how does that fit into the rest of your job?


Image: a photo after training

Generally I spend most of my time in TechNet Wiki and in forums and blogs.

On what Wiki articles do you spend most of your time?

Nowadays, I spend most of my time with System Center Survival Guide and Active Directory Audit Powershell Scripts.

What are your favorite Wiki articles you’ve contributed?

My favorite article is TechNet Wiki Turkish Ninjas Guide Microsoft Infrastructure Management.


What are your top 5 favorite Wiki articles?

This is not including my own articles: 

Windows 2012 R2: Active Directory Best Practices for SharePoint Use

Active Directory Services Audit – Document references

Active Directory: PowerShell AD Module Properties

T-SQL: Relational Division

How to Extract Data in XML to Meet the Requirements of a Schema



What could we do differently on TechNet Wiki?

I wish Technet wiki had a page for event id. On this page people can search event id and try to resolve their problems with the help of other peoples’ past experiences about the same event id.

Who has impressed you in the Wiki community?

Absolutely Gokan Ozcifci and Ed Price,




Thanks, Davut! It's great to have you part of the TAT family, and we're super excited to have you join us here, as an author on the Wiki Ninjas English blog!

It's also good to see you contributing in System Center! We just added System Center as a TechNet Guru category, so perhaps you can translate one of your articles into English and then we'll have a few of us review the English grammar for you. Then we can enter it (or more than one) into the TechNet Guru System Center category for February. =^)


Everybody, please join me in thanking Davut for all his contributions to our community and please welcome him to the English Wiki Ninjas bloggers!

   – Ninja Ed

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  1. Naomi N says:

    Congratulations, Davut! You’re big!!!

  2. Davut EREN - TAT says:

    Thank you Ed and Thank you very much for all. feel exited ­čÖé

  3. Ed Price - MSFT says:

    Davut, well the TechNet Wiki has quite a few pages that list event IDs. Do you mean for a specific technology?

  4. Hasan Dimdik - TAT says:

    Congratulatons its nice work !!

  5. Ugur Demir - TAT says:

    Congratulations, Davut.

  6. Gokan Ozcifci says:

    H├ęh├ę! I like the comment of Naomi! He isn’t big, the is just Turkish :).. He is an old man from the most beautifull place of Turkey; Izmir :^)

  7. Saeid Hasani says:


  8. Durval Ramos says:

    Congrats Davut! Gokan, you’re right! Izmir is a beautiful city and has a wonderfull sea

  9. Durval Ramos says:

    I’m very happy that one of my articles is special to you. I hope to be always helping. Thanks!

  10. Zeca Lima says:

    Congratulations, Davut!

  11. Volkan says:

    Congratulations Davut…

  12. Serap says:

    Congratulations Davut…

  13. Ezgi says:

    Congratulations Davut…I wish you continued success.

  14. Alan Nascimento Carlos says:

    Nice Ed! Congratulations Davut! their contributions are important to the community!

  15. Alican D├Âkmen - TAT says:


  16. isa karakurt says:

    thx dude; u r amazing ­čÖé i believe u coz u ll be more succesful in ur life and also ur articles are generally wonderful i hope u ll going on like that

  17. isa karakurt says:

    thx dude; u r amazing ­čÖé i believe u coz u ll be more succesful in ur life and also ur articles are generally wonderful i hope u ll going on like that

  18. Richard Mueller says:

    Glad to meet you Davut. Wow, one of my articles is also on your favorite list.

  19. Recep YUKSEL - TAT says:

    Congratulations Davut, I wish success to continue to increase.

  20. Davut EREN - TAT says:

    people will search event id number and event source in event page. and they will write experience for this event id number.

  21. Davut EREN - TAT says:

    Thank you for all. I get proud for your comments ­čÖé

  22. Ed Price - MSFT says:

    I love to see the community coming out to congratulate Davut! This is fantastic! Thanks, everyone!

  23. Davut EREN - TAT says:

    if you one day come to izmir/Turkey, contact with me. then you can see Turkish people hospitable. @Ed i never do wrestler. i did Taekwondo 10 year

  24. Mesut Yilmaz (Dell Engineer) says:

    Such a Great Outgoing IT Professional, I always proud of your successfully growing skills and excellent Articles Davut Eren.Pleasure to know you… Tebrikler Davut Eren Her zaman yukselise devam.Guzel referanslarinin ve makalelerinin devamini dilerim.Takiptesin.

  25. Lior says:

    Good job Davut !! I loved working with you – Keep up the good work ! ­čÖé

  26. Matthew Yarlett says:

    Good to meet you Davut! I like all the photos!

  27. Ed Price - MSFT says:

    Davut, what was the training for in the bottom photo? Thanks!

  28. Ed Price - MSFT says:

    Davut, wouldn’t the Event IDs need to be a new article, per technology. Here’s one example that lists them out:

  29. Ed Price - MSFT says:

    Another example from my friend and coworker Heidi (I used to work with her on that team as a Writer):

  30. Matthew Yarlett says:

    Common Ed, is 5 examples the best you can do!? ­čśë

  31. Hakan Onder says:

    Great jop man.Congratulations DAVUDOWS.!

  32. Hakan Oner says:

    Hey Wiki Ninja, you did great! Congrats!

  33. Elguc Yusifbeyli-TAT says:

    Congratulations G├Âkan.

  34. Davut EREN - TAT says:

    Ed, this is good but people must write experience in the comment part. (as how resolve this event id problem)

  35. MusakkhirSayyed says:

    congratulations, great work.

  36. Ed Price - MSFT says:

    Matthew, is that a CHALLENGE???!!!!! =^)

  37. Ed Price - MSFT says:

    Davut, that’s a great idea! So why don’t you do that? You could add a Windows Server Event ID list as an article in TechNet Wiki. And then each link would go to a Wiki article. I think it would fit in the category of "Wiki and Portals" for February’s TechNet
    Guru! A search for "Event ID" on TechNet Wiki gives you a lot of articles:

  38. Davut EREN - TAT says:

    Yes, it’s a good idea. I will

  39. Scotty Svensson says:

    Congratulations my mate keep up the good work.

  40. Mehmet PARLAKY─░─×─░T-TAT says:

    Super job Chris congratulations ­čśë

  41. Mehmet PARLAKY─░─×─░T-TAT says:

    Davut T├╝r├že yazmadan yapam─▒yaca─č─▒m :)) karde┼čim seni tebrik eder ba┼čar─▒lar─▒n─▒n devam─▒n─▒ dilerim.

  42. Hasbi ├ç├ľMEZ says:

    Tebrik ederim karde┼čim. Microsoft’un Wiki d├╝nyas─▒nda, ad─▒n─▒ bu ┼čekilde duyurman beni gururland─▒rd─▒ ┼čahsen. Ba┼čar─▒lar─▒n─▒n devam edece─činden eminim, yine de y├╝r├╝d├╝─č├╝n bu yolda yolun a├ž─▒k olsun.

  43. Cenk Ya─čc─▒ says:

    Congratulations! Forever Microsoft…

  44. Cenk Ya─čc─▒ says:

    Congratulations! Forever Microsoft…

  45. Ugur Demir - TAT says:

    Davutcum karde┼čim, ba┼čar─▒lar─▒n daim olsun. Technet d├╝nyas─▒ndada iyi i┼čler yapaca─č─▒na eminim. ­čÖé

  46. Yavuz Ta┼čc─▒ -TAT says:

    Congratulations, Davut.

  47. Mehmet PARLAKY─░─×─░T-TAT says:

    Uuu T├╝rk├že yorumlar ├žo─čal─▒yor. :))

  48. Mehmet PARLAKY─░─×─░T-TAT says:

    Davut bu arada sertifika ald─▒─č─▒n resimde ├žok karizmatik ├ž─▒km─▒┼č─▒n karde┼čim. Sanki sertifikay─▒ sen veriyorsun. :)))

  49. Mustafa Kamac─▒ says:

    Tebrikler Davut Hocam. T├╝rkiye’nin gururusun…

  50. Elguc Yusifbeyli-TAT says:

    Thank you Ed. Davut seni tebrik ederim. G├╝zel payla┼č─▒m olmu┼č . ├ľnceki statumda G├Âkan─▒ tebrik etmi┼čtim :)))). O zaman t├╝m TAT ekibimizide tebrik edeyim tamam olsun :)). Hepinize ba┼čar─▒lar ve u─čurlar─▒n─▒z─▒n devam─▒n─▒ dilerim.

  51. Ugur Demir - TAT says:

    Daha nice sertifikalar alacakt─▒r. Helal ­čÖé

  52. Mehmet PARLAKY─░─×─░T-TAT says:

    U─čur bence sertifikay─▒ Davut verir. :))))

  53. Davut EREN - TAT says:

    @Ed it was a virtualization training.

  54. Davut EREN - TAT says:

    Thank you for all, Herbirinize ayr─▒ ayr─▒ te┼čekk├╝r ederim arkada┼člar.

  55. Davut EREN - TAT says:

    @Mehmet alemsin, g├Âren herkes ayn─▒n─▒ diyor ­čÖé

  56. Ozlem VURAL says:

    Seninle gurur duyuyorum can─▒m, ba┼čar─▒lar─▒n─▒n devam─▒n─▒ dilerim:)

  57. Mehmet PARLAKY─░─×─░T-TAT says:

    Davut yapcak bi┼čey yok g├Âr├╝nt├╝ ├Âyle ben ne yapay─▒m. :))))

  58. Recep YUKSEL - TAT says:

    Davut hocam tekrar tebrik ederim ve ba┼čar─▒lar─▒n─▒n devam─▒n─▒ dilerim. G├╝zel, sa─čl─▒kl─▒ ve ba┼čar─▒l─▒ g├╝nler seninle olsun hep.

  59. Alican D├Âkmen - TAT says:

    Tebrik ederim Davut hocam. Ba┼čar─▒lar─▒n─▒n devam─▒n─▒ dilerim.

  60. Ersin CAN - TAT says:

    Congr. Davut

  61. Anonymous says:

    This blog is a follow up to our last list of Wiki Ninja Blog Authors: Council Spotlight: Who are the

  62. Anonymous says:

    Merhaba arkada┼člar,

    Bu hafta Sal─▒ günü blog yaz─▒m─▒zla yine sizlerle birlikteyiz. Üç

  63. hassan sayed issa20014 says:


  64. Ekin ├ľzen says:

    Davut congrats for your passion and enthusiasm on IT Systems Area. Our team would be half w/o you! Keep up the good work:)

  65. Anonymous says:

    Welcome back for another analysis of contributions to TechNet Wiki over the last week.


  66. Davut EREN - TAT says:

    Thank you very much Ekin for you good wishes!