Introducing the Wiki and Portals category on TechNet Guru!!!

For February, we're spreading the TechNet Guru love...

Over to the Wiki!


This is a new category for TechNet Guru. Starting with the TechNet Guru Contributions for February.

Here you can see our articles in this new category. Currently none, but there are two weeks left!


And you can find the forum announcement and discussion here:


So what's this new category about?

Well, you can create Wiki articles about...

  1. Troubleshooting, Clarification, or Best Practices on creating articles on TechNet Wiki. A lot of articles already exist, but you never know what someone might think of! Or maybe a section of an article could be made in depth into its own article!
  2. Portals of Wiki articles. So on TechNet Wiki, we have portals. They are Wiki articles that list off other Wiki articles about a specific topic. So you can pick a new topic (a product, technology, or scenario across multiple products) You can find all our portals here: Portal of TechNet Wiki Portals
  3. Lists of Curahs that curate Wiki articles. You might need to understand what Curah is or how to create Curahs. So you can check out the Curah! Portal.


The great thing about TechNet Guru is that even though we're encouraging people to make these articles, they have to be good ones in order to get the medals! =^)


Do you have any other ideas of types of articles that could fit in this category?


Also, what about a category about TechNet and MSDN Gallery? You know, articles that tie into the Gallery.

Here are some blog posts that Craig and I wrote about how to synergize the Wiki with the Gallery:


Have a great Sunday!

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (14)
  1. Durval Ramos says:

    I believe that we can include in this new category the articles about publications in Wiki Ninjas Blog and also about other resources of the TechNet / MSDN Portals as: Gallery, Forums, … I think that articles about other Microsoft Web sites and other
    Social Networks(Twitter, Facebook, Youtube,…) that complement information about Products and Services should also be considered, if the information has a significant contribution to our Community.

  2. "Currently none, but there are two weeks left!"… make that "Currently one, but there are two weeks left!" 😉

  3. Ps. Thanks Ed! I think this is a great addition. Articles written to help people use (get the most from) the wiki are really important for the whole community. Putting them in the competition and highlighting them is a great idea!

  4. Durval, okay. So what should we call this category? Should we call the category? Should we call it MSDN/TechNet Tools? Or MSDN/TechNet Community Tools? Or MSDN/TechNet Community Apps? Or MSDN/TechNet Portals? I think I’d vote against Portals, since we
    already landed on that word for lists of Wiki articles. Thanks!

  5. Durval Ramos says:

    Ed, I agree that using the "Portals" word can become more confusing understand what’s this category to many members. I liked your idea to name this category of "MSDN / TechNet Community Tools". These articles will be about ways to facilitate the use and
    sharing of information. Thus, I believe it’s easier to understand this category.

  6. Matthew, you’re our first contributor to this category! This goes down in the history books! =^)

  7. Durval, that sounds good. I like "MSDN / TechNet Community Tools" — We’ll see if XAML Guy can expand the category for March. There’s a forum about the Forums.

  8. Matthew, that’s a great point. It encourages people to make more articles about the Wiki and it highlights them when people do!

  9. Anonymous says:

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  10. Anonymous says:

    Uma coletânea de artigos sobre um mesmo assunto ou Tecnologia é uma excelente alternativa

  11. Anonymous says:

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