TNWiki Article Spotlight – Functional Reports using SSRS and TFS: Making a Report Into a Management Tool

Please check out this December SQL Server BI TechNet Guru Gold Medal Winner:

Functional Reports: Making a Report Into a Management Tool

It's short but sweet! Here's the...


Some of the examples in this article refer to data elements and interfaces specific to the Team Foundation Server. The data warehouse is a relatively standard relational database. The web management tools for TFS are also included in some of the examples. While the examples may be specific to TFS, the techniques used in this article are not and so can be adapted for use with other data sources and management tools.




And here are all the December winners for the SQL Server BI category:


Guru Award  SQL BI and Power BI (SSAS, SSIS, SSRS, Power Pivot) Technical Guru - December 2013  

Gold Award Winner


Tim Pacl Functional Reports: Making a Report Into a Management Tool NN: "Terrific article! Very helpful and clean steps"
Ed Price: "Tim nails it again with a fantastic and descriptive narrative on a great topic! It could be improved with images to show what you're describing. Fantastic article!"

Silver Award Winner


Michael Amadi A practical example of how to handle simple many to many relationships in Power Pivot/SSAS Tabular models Ed Price: "Great topic and great formatting! The descriptions are helpful, the images and the tables help clarify. The bold text really pops! Great article!"
NN: "Great article explaining a common problem and solution"

Bronze Award Winner


Tim Pacl Using a Date Picker for an Analysis Data Query Parameter NN: "Another interesting article by Tim"
Ed Price: "Another great article from Tim. Shorter but sweet!"

Also worth a mention were the other entries this month:

Thanks to Tim Pacl for providing so many great articles!

   - Ninja Ed

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  1. Thanks for highlighting these Ed! All three have been really well written. Congratulations Tim and Michael – great articles!

  2. Durval Ramos says:

    PowerBI is growing up lately, everyone talks about it! SSRS also has good resources, ultimately these articles are great

  3. Matthew, absolutely! It’s great to see so many quality articles in SQL Server BI!

  4. Durval, I agree. We’re starting to see more Power BI articles and as Power BI products and services are released, it’s revolutionizing financial analyst industries. For example, it used to be that a financial analyst would have to spend a week making an
    amazing report and then present it to execs. Then, in the meeting, the execs make more requests for more reports. The analyst leaves, schedules a new meeting a few days later, and then presents the new insights into the data. But now all that data is a lot
    faster to make into a report (shaving off days of work), and when the new request comes in, you just change the chart real-time with a slider! Plus, with Power BI Q&A, now all those reports are available for anyone to just type in a search bar and get the
    report! It’s truly amazing! (You can tell that this is my product.) =^)

  5. And Durval, thanks for making that Wiki article that lists and links to all these features article blog posts (the TNWiki Article Spotlight series)!!!

  6. Saeid Hasani says:

    Nice article! Thanks Ed! Congrats Tim!

  7. Saeid, my pleasure! I love to see these great SQL BI contributions!

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