Monday – Interview with Wiki Ninja Lucas Camargo Reis.

Hello to the Wiki Ninjas community!

Today is Monday, the day of our Interview with a Wiki Ninja.

Our interviewee is Lucas Camargo Reis.

He has been a member of the community since 2010.
He's the author of this blog:

Let's get to know him!

Who are you?

My name is Lucas Camargo Reis, I am from São Paulo and currently reside in Fortaleza - Ceará - Brazil. I'm working as an analyst in the Energy Infrastructure Telecom executing infrastructure projects, directly with Microsoft products.

What technologies are your specialty?

How did you learn about TechNet Wiki?

I found TechNet Wiki myself. It's a great place to access content and find answers quickly. I admired all the community work. I enjoy spending a few hours in my day to contribute my experiences and knowledge to the community.

What was your first collaboration?

I think it was the article Operations Master Active Directory.

I have done more; it has been a long time.

The article can be found at this address: Mestre de Operações do Active Directory (pt-BR)

In addition to the TechNet Wiki, what are some other places that you usually contribute?

I have a blog I contribute to the blog with information about System Center, Exchange Server, and Lync Server and other Microsoft products (along with a friend, Julio Araujo) and also in the TechNet forums.

What are your big projects right now?

To complete the MCSE: Private Cloud and help with issues about System Center.

How do you use the TechNet Wiki in your work?

The TechNet Wiki helps in studies and projects daily. Survival Guides are places where I resolve questions quickly and realize/complete searches for in-depth tutorials.

What interests you about the TechNet Wiki?

The survival guides and articles about System Center.

Among the items that you contributed to the TechNet Wiki community, which is your favorite?

My favorite series I've contributed: Automatic provisioning of users in Active Directory with System Center Service Manager and Orchestrator

It can be found in this link:

Other articles of my own:

Who impressed you in the TechNet Wiki community?

I have several people that I follow daily. But the person who impressed me most is certainly Fernando Lugão. He is always on the list of frequent contributors on TechNet Wiki, and he created and published several Survival Guides about various Microsoft products.

I invite the community to help me congratulate Lucas Camargo.

Our goal, which is to help people in their search for knowledge, is made possible by people like Lucas in our vast community.

Thanks for all your contributions!

Wiki Ninja Hezequias Vasconcelos

Comments (10)

  1. Lucas, it’s great to learn more about you! It’s also wonderful to see that Fernando had a big impact on you!

  2. Thanks, Hezequias! Great to get to know more about you Lucas!

  3. Congratulations Lucas! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Shanky_621 says:

    Congrats Lucas…good to know you

  5. Muito obrigado a todos e principalmente ao Hezequias pela Oportunidade. Fico muito feliz pelo reconhecimento.

  6. Thank you Peter and Mathew. Lucas contributes a lot to the community.

  7. anonymouscommenter says:

    Ola comunidade Wiki, hoje é o dia de Segunda feira entrevista com o Wiki Ninja.

    Meu nome é

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