TechNet Wiki Magazine Second Edition | MVC5, SQL, BizTalk Server, SharePoint, C#, Visual C#, Small Basic, Windows Store and Windows Phone Apps, eBooks and TechNet Wiki Blog

Exciting news for the community… the second edition of TechNet Wiki Magazine has just been released!

The second edition includes topics such as:

  • MVC5
  • SQL
  • BizTalk Server
  • SharePoint
  • C#, Visual C# and Small Basic
  • Windows Store Apps and Windows Phone
  • eBooks and TechNet Wiki Blog

The spotlight article in the cover of this second edition is"SharePoint: Build a Webpart to Resize and Upload Images to a Picture Library"

This is intended to be published twice a month with several articles, select by group of TechNet Wiki contributor, across all Microsoft technologies or plaforms. All the content present here are created by the TechNet Wiki community members and Microsoft that can be found in the TechNet Wiki, TechNet Wiki Blog, Code Gallery and TechNet Gallery.

Stay tuned for next editions! The magazine will get better and better because soon our next releases will be published with new content.

You can find the TechNet Wiki Magazine in Flipboard in your favorite device from Apple (iPhone, iPad), Android, Windows 8, and so on… or simply through the Internet browser at:

Final note: TechNet Wiki Magazine has a new contributer... welcome Craig Lussier.

Comments (11)

  1. Durval Ramos says:

    This second edition was very well elaborate. Congratulations Craig and Sandro!

  2. Wowzers, who’s that handsome guy on the front cover! 😉

  3. In all seriousness, good job guys!

  4. Nicely done all. I’m curious as to what app was used to build this? Looks pretty impressive.

  5. Wow. Incredible. Congratulations Mathew. 🙂

  6. Sandro and Craig excellent post on the blog. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Steven, it’s part of the basic features in the Flipboard Web app. I was actually a little disappointed, because I wanted to create my own magazine and not just curate links to make the magazine. But it’s still very cool and perfect for featuring great Wiki articles!

  8. Thank you to Sandro and Craig for making this happen!

  9. Thanks Sandro and Craig! Absolutely great.

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