TechNet Wiki Community Council Spotlight: Progress with Portals

Over on the council, we have these focus thingies... TechNet Wiki Community Council: Areas of Focus

Lately Richard has been leading us in Focus Area #2...

2. Portal Growth - Richard Mueller (& Yagmoth, Ed Price, Naomi)

  • Focus: The Adoption and Evangelism of Wiki Portals.
  • One specific best practice that affects navigation is Portal Growth.
  • Are all the right technologies and articles represented on the portals?
  • Do we have the best story for navigation from the portals?
  • Do we need to add more portals?
  • Should we cross-link portals better?
  • Example: We need to update all the portals with links to current content.
  • Example: We need to cross-link the portals better.


We were making so many portals that I started this tag:

And then Richard put together a portal portal for us...

Wiki: Portal of TechNet Wiki Portals


We divided the portal sections by technology, but we also have...

General Technology


That's where the portals actually include all the technologies and they are more about something that applies to many techs, like Troubleshooting articles.


And then this is also an interesting section:

Other Subjects

Those are mostly like portals around Microsoft social technologies. And User Groups. =^)

Anyway, the bottom section on the page is really cool... all our international portals...

Non-English Language Portals

General Technology

SQL Server


Other Subjects



And Durval even translated this portal article!

Others Languages


So go give this article a look through, check out the portals, and make them better (or don't; nobody's forcing you until we are)...

Wiki: Portal of TechNet Wiki Portals



What goes up, must go Wiki.

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (12)

  1. Durval Ramos says:

    Good work of the Council, especially: Richard, Yagmoth, Ed & Naomi. I love the Portals !!! =^] Ed, thanks for mention my work !

  2. Thanks everyone! And thank you for helping us improve these portals!

  3. Feel free to add more portals. Just go into the main Portal of Portals page and then see which technology portals might be missing. Or go add articles on some of those existing portals! Thank you!

  4. Ed, could have a portal specifically ALM (Application Lifecycle Management), what do you think?

  5. Alan, yes. That’s a great idea! Please create the portal “Application Lifecycle Management” and fill it up with all the Wiki articles you can find. Then link to it from the Portal of Portals page. Thanks, Alan!

  6. We’ve got a new TechNet Guru category (for February 2014) for creating portals and articles about TechNet Wiki.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hello and welcome everybody to our Wednesday – Wiki Life post.
    In the past we often covered different

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