Wiki Life – Where can I find Microsoft community information?

Hello community.

Today I want to bring you some channels of communication.

You can use the TechNet Wiki forum to collaborate more with the Microsoft community:

Find information about Profiles:

Perfil MSDN, TechNet e Expression


These are the main channels of communication:


MSDN  (pt-BR)


Enjoy these excellent content resources!

Our fun is to collaborate.


Ninja Hezequias Vasconcelos

Comments (10)

  1. Ed Price - MSFT says:

    These are some great resources. Thanks, Hezequias!

  2. Zeca Lima says:

    Hello Ed. Thanks for the comments.

  3. Maheshkumar S Tiwari says:

    Thanks for sharing Hezequias !!

  4. Carsten Siemens says:

    Thank you for the valuable links, Hezequias. BTW: How does EXPRESSION ( fit into the channels of communication?

  5. Zeca Lima says:

    Hello Mahes. Thanks for the comments.

  6. Zeca Lima says:

    Hello Carsten. Thanks for your comments. I see it as a communication channel in knowledge. The Expression Home you find translations of articles, content libraries among other information. That’s why I consider a channel. Let Me know your opinion.

  7. Carsten Siemens says:

    Hello Hezequias, I see your point now. Thank you for your hint.

  8. Zeca Lima says:

    I appreciate your comments Carsten.

  9. Anonym says:

    Thank you all for your comments.

  10. hassan sayed issa20014 says: