TechNet WikiNinjas guide to Microsoft Integration Services [Biztalk] and WikiNinjas TV group – Last call !

BizTalk eBook

It’s a great pleasure to announce you the 4th TechNet WikiNinjas eBook written by the community for the community (to be launched in late February, 2014). The main theme of this new ebook is: “Microsoft Integration Services AKA BizTalk”. The release for the TechNet WikiNinjas Guide to Microsoft Integration Services is planned to the end of February. My dear friend and guru Steef-Jan helped me to reach all the valuable BizTalk contributors on the WIKI and joined me to write this ebook! Thanks Steef-Jan!


We have many Microsoft Integration Experts, MVP’s and Microsoft employees working on that eBook. Here is a list with their profile and please join me to thank them all!

As usually you can check all the WikiNinjas Ebook center from this link:! Stay tuned for our next episode of the WikiNinjas eBooks!


Last call for WikiNinjas TV

As you know I’ll wrote several times about the WikiNinjas TV and thanks to Ed Price we are nearly finished. There is a new alliance between Luigi Bruno, Benoit Jester and me to create the TechNet WikiNinjas TV! The rules so far are not so different from the previous weeks:

  • Each first Monday of the month I will ask a contributor 2 questions
  • Do you want to publish few technical videos on the WIKI? Or Can I interview you (non-technical)?
  • Each end of the month (the day should I decide with Ed Price) A new blog post should be written about the technical videos or interview.
  • Contributors will be chosen depending on their points on the weekly leadership board!
  • Contributors are free to send Ed Price or me an email to ask to participate to the WikiNinjas TV
  • Contributors do not have to speak English, all other languages are welcome.
  • Contributors do not have to be technical experts! Even videos about Desktop Support are welcome.

So this is the last call to join our alliance, our network to be involved in the WikiNinjas TV project!  I wish you all a great Sunday!

Gokan Ozcifci, SharePoint Pirate and Wiki Ninja

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Top 10
    Yeni arkadaşlar gerçekten süper bir is basardılar, haftalık TOP 10 listesine giren

  2. Gokan, I added a bit in the first sentence that explains the BizTalk white paper is coming later… it sounded like a launch announcement.

    Thanks to the BizTalk folks and Steef-Jan for making this happen!

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