Wiki Life: Help us eliminate Duplicate Comments!

Have you ever seen more than one comment on a Wiki article page? Will then, you can help us remove the old duplicated comments!


You can find the latest version of this article here:

Wiki: How to Report Duplicate Comments on TechNet Wiki

If you see more than one of the same comment on a page, please take the following step...

Add the tag to your article: "Duplicate Comment". We will regularly mine those articles to remove any duplicate comments.

Here are the tag results: 

And here's the tag for the Portuguese Wiki.

If you are currently receiving Duplicate Comments, it's a Performance Issue. The reason is usually because you are experiencing a slow response when submitting a comment or the comment doesn't show up soon enough. So you likely clicked the button more than once. Comments sometimes take up to 13 hours to appear. See Wiki: How to Report a TechNet Wiki Performance Issue.

Others Languages


Again, you can find the updated (in the future) instructions here:

Wiki: How to Report Duplicate Comments on TechNet Wiki


So we'll go through and delete those duplicate comments.

Any questions? Thank you for your help!

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (12)

  1. You’re welcome! We’re cleaning up the current list now, so that we can start fresh. =^)

  2. Great initiative Ed and a simple solution for the community via the “Duplicate Comment” tag!

  3. Shanky_621 says:

    Thats surely helpful Ed…Thanks

  4. Thank you Craig and Matthew! You’re welcome, Shanky. I appreciate your help if you run across any duplicate comments. Craig, the idea actually came from a solution I cooked up for the Wiki Council a few years back for reporting the articles tagged to get deleted… but it really wasn’t until Peter Geelen and I joined the council that we started to put the “Candidate for Deletion” tag to use! Then, another 10 months or so later, I was getting frustrated with the duplicate comments and it suddenly occurred to me to use the same system for comments that we were already using for articles. So there’s the history! =^)

  5. @Ed: Title and link of the German translation are wrong – that was my mistake. I just fixed the Wiki articles. Can you fix the blog post? The correct title and links are “Wiki: So melden Sie doppelte Kommentare im TechNet-Wiki (de-DE)” and

  6. Carsten, I updated the link. Thanks!

  7. Excellent. I just made a pass at removing the duplicate comments. Thanks for helping keep the comments clean, everyone!

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