Something new [Happy New Year], Something Personal, a new eBook “Microsoft Infrastructure Management” [865 pages], WIKININJAS TV need assistance!

Happy New Year!

First of all I want to wish you all a Happy New year 2014! I want to share a SMS that I received from an international company that said:

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 | Good Bye 2013 Don’t Think About Yesterday, Think About Tomorrow Because Tomorrow Is A Chance To Correct The Mistake Of Yesterday. I totally agree and wish you the same.


New eBook

There is since today a new eBook available on the WIKI. This eBook is called “TechNet Turkish WikiNinjas guide to Microsoft Infrastructure Management” and you can download it on the TechNet Gallery Link:

This eBook has been written by the TechNet Avengers Team members to evangelize the WIKI. You will find more than 865 pages off useful information that will guide you to optimize your Microsoft Infrastructure!

A great thanks to Ed Price and Bruno Lewin who assisted me on the WikiNinjas Ebook Project! The TAT members are:


You will find articles from SCVMM to SharePoint, from Active Directory to Exchange server! I hope you all will enjoy this new WIKI NINJAS EBOOK!

 Note also that you can find all the WikiNinjas eBook's here:

 WikiNinjas TV

You all know that I joined the TechNet Wiki Community Council, focusing on Community Evangelism (through TechNet Wiki White Papers and TechNet Wiki TV)

I couldn't finish the project at time, because I never thought that eBooks could take so much time. As you can imagine I’m the driver of this project and I have to work with other teams even if they aren't using SharePoint Server. At the end of this month, there will be a new eBook named “TechNet Wiki Ninjas guide to BizTalk” My co-pilot here is Steef-Jan (Microsoft Integration MVP)!

I need your assistance for the WikiNinjas TV Project:

So what about WikiNinjas TV. I wrote in a few lines about my thinking of this project.

  • Each first Monday of the month I will ask a contributor 2 questions
    • Do you want to publish few technical videos on the WIKI? Or Can I interview you (non technical)?

  • Each end of the month (the day should I decide with Ed Price) A new blog post should be written about the technical videos or interview.
  • Contributors will be chosen depending on their points on the weekly leadership board!
  • Contributors are free to send Ed Price or me an email to ask to participate to the WikiNinjas TV
  • Contributors do not have to speak English, all other languages are welcome.
  • Contributors do not have to be technical experts! Even videos about Desktop Support are welcome.

That’s all for me; but I need your assistance to finalize the WikiNinjas TV! If you have any remark or a point that could be useful for the project; please leave a comment!

-        Ninja Gokan ( SharePoint MVP )

Comments (15)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Gökan.

  2. Davut EREN says:

    Yeaah.. Good Job Gokan.. Thank you very much..

  3. That is great job. Thanks Gokan.

  4. That is great job. Thanks Gokan.

  5. A comment leaved by “Anonymous” was redirecting my Blog Page to another page where people was unable to see and comment this blog post. I’ve removed the comment so you’re able to see and comment this blog post again.



  6. Saeid Hasani says:

    Great job! Thanks Gokan!

  7. Another great work done by the TAT.
    This “WikiNinjas TV” is a great idea, I’ll be glad to help.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Pingback from [Free eBook] TechNet Wiki Guide to Infrastructure Management | Gokan Ozcifci

  9. Luigi Bruno says:

    WikiNinjas TV seems to be a great idea: I think I can contribute.

  10. Gokan, I’ll start a Wiki Ninjas TV conversation in Skype with you, me, Benoit, and Luigi. We’ll add in people who want to contribute. Thanks!

  11. Whoopee for technical videos!!! If you have noticed, from my first article onwards I have provided videos.
    Count me in!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Os artigos compartilhados no TechNet Wiki são referência para muitos profissionais.


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