Interview with a wiki Ninja Andrielle Azevedo.

Hello community Wiki Ninjas.

Today is Monday, the day of Interview Wiki Ninja.

Our interview today is: Andrielle Azevedo

She is a member of the community since 2011.

Author of the blog:

Twitter: @driazevedo

Community contributor to Technet and MSDN.

Microsoft Technical Audience Contributor-MTAC.

Let's learn a little more about Andrielle Azevedo.

Who are you, where you are and what you do?

My name is Andrielle Azevedo, 22 years old and I have my hometown is Itumbiara, in the State of Goiás. I lived in Belo Horizonte in order to work on other it companies (Nokia Siemens Networks and Cast computers), and today I live in São Paulo, Capital. I am Bachelor of information systems and in time course graduate Lato Sensu in architecture and software engineering. Hold the title of MTAC - Microsoft Technical Audience Contributor and aid coordination in the management of this group. In addition, I am also a Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) and work as an analyst developer .NET on company Computer Config.

What are the technologies of your specialty?

My focus at work is to develop applications for Web platform, using .NET technology. My specialty technique are the programming languages C #, ASP.NET Web Forms, HTML5, CSS3, Java Script and similar that apply to Web development. However, I also work with the platforms of Visual Studio, SQL Server and Report Viewer.

How did you become a MTAC?

Everything began in the year 2010. A friend from College where I studied at the time was a MSP (Microsoft Student Partners) and leader of an academic cell called ILES/ULBRA.NET. He invited me to attend's cell, where they ministered on Saturdays, training in development. With the passage of time and studying enough at home the .NET platform, created a blog that I have until today to post technical articles. Then I was introduced by the same friend to all people of Microsoft technical community. To begin to contribute, and what am I supposed to do within the community, told a lot with the encouragement and teachings. I wrote several technical content for the blog until today help in the MSDN forums, organize events, Minister lectures, do translations in the TechNet Wiki among other works. In the year 2011, months later, kept the other contributions that I had been doing and became the leader of this academic cell. I kept this job for over 1 year, along with others who started College. In September the Group 2011 MTAC, I recall that was indicated by several people, one of which weighed enough was the work undertaken along with other influencers. In this way, I was invited to participate in the Group on the first listing MTAC, and keep my participation to date.

Do you have any suggestion or tip for other community members that expect or, aims to eventually become a MTAC?

Among the various suggestions, these are some places that you can share knowledge:

a) Technical Blog.

b) Answer the MSDN and TechNet foruns.

c) Do Lectures/Webcasts/Podcasts.

d) Organize events.

e) Training.

f) Posts by articles on TechNet Wiki.

g) Translations of articles.

Remember, all contributions that I cited are important, but you must do it with the intention of always helping people that need this knowledge. The major objective of participating in a group in the technical community, whatever it is, must never be what materially you will earn and the willingness to share knowledge. The benefits that the group can offer you, it must be taken as a sincere reflection of contribution and sharing of knowledge. Today's reality, several people that start in the career you often feel "lost", mainly by the amount of information generated and thus all help is welcome. Abuse of the tools and the support we receive to communicate information. So, take into consideration that you're not just helping the next and Yes to yourself. The growth that we have in the personal and professional sense doing this kind of work is undeniable.

How were you introduced to the TechNet Wiki?

So I started my activities by the technical community, one of the first actions was to be presented to the TechNet Wiki and all options of collaboration he provided.

What was your first collaboration?

My first collaboration was the translation of an article on ASP.NET MVC, available at the address:

In addition to your work on the TechNet Wiki, in which other local usually contribute?

Have the habit of always posting technical articles of my own on my personal blog. In addition, I also do translations of W3Schools tutorials and other sites, as for example, ASP.NET. The translation of articles is performed the English version for the Portuguese, upon prior authorization of their respective authors, to just after the posting of the information on my blog.

What are your major projects now?

At the moment, I'm working on coordination of some important projects of MTAC, exerting the role of coach for the new members of the group. Another action that is in the process of foreclosure is the portal of MTACs, fully supported by SharePoint Online. As soon as it is finalized, we will have various Windows applications and Windows Phone 8 8 integrated with this portal.

What do you do with the TechNet Wiki and how it fits in your work?

I usually do research on TechNet Wiki in order to resolve doubts I have about tools and programming. In addition of course to always learn something new on the challenges of the workplace, all that I find interesting and write articles and post to the community.

What most interests you at TechNet Wiki?

What I like to do on the TechNet Wiki is to enter the portal English (en-US), on the development and bring the translated articles to our portal Portuguese (pt-BR).

Among the articles you contributed to the Technet Community Wiki. What are your Favorites?

My favorite items are the basic level in SQL Server. They were the first articles I've written on my blog, about two and a half years ago, as soon as I started my activities. I can understand and see the amount of people who view, praise and require basic-level content. This enables them to leverage their studies and use the material in your work.

This is the complete list of all my articles:


Windows Workflow Foundation-Overview

.NET Framework Overview

Workflow Foundation (WF4)

Overview of Windows Communication Foundation

Creating tables in SQL Server

Windows Forms Overview

Inserting records into tables in SQL Server

Uploading a Web Site project in Visual Studio through the Windows Azure 2012

WCF Data Services: Overview

Structure of a C # program

Who impressed in the community?

One of the people who impressed me a lot was Ana Paula de Almeida. I would remind you of a webcast that she made encouraging collaboration on the TechNet Wiki, even had the opportunity to meet you in person in the Community Zone of 2012. I followed her activities and was one of my big group nominations for MTAC. I was happier still at the last Community Zone, when she won the award for Top Performance 2013. It just shows the great work she does on the TechNet Wiki and, because she's more a great woman in the it area.

I invite the community to congratulate Wiki Ninja Andrielle Azevedo.

The Microsoft Technet and MSDN Community really appreciates your attention and magnificent work done to our group. Your commitment to help those in need of knowledge is of vital importance for the community. We have absolute certainty, that your example, motivation to other employees to always do good people.

Thank you so much for all your contributions.

Ninja Hezequias Vasconcelos

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  2. Great to get to know more about you Andrielle Azevedo! Good interview Hezequias!

  3. Saeid Hasani says:

    Congratulations Andrielle! and keep up the good work! Also Thanks to Hezequias for this great interview. Yes, the former comment was written by me, I didn’t know I’m sign out!

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    Thanks Saied.

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    It’s a bug in the blogs 🙁 The first comment was from me.

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    Congratulations, I must say you attained a lot with just 22 yrs of age. That’s both good and encouraging.
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  7. Congrats and good to know you Andrielle Azevedo

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    Thanks everyone 🙂 I’m so happy about your feedbacks.

  9. Thanks everyone 🙂 I’m so happy about your feedbacks.

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    Great job Andrielle 🙂 You are a great member of the Microsoft community

  11. AndréHBuss says:

    Great job Andrielle 🙂 You are a great member of the Microsoft community

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    Great job Andrielle, your contribuitions for Microsoft Comunity are amazing!! Congratulations!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Great job Andrielle, your contribuitions for Microsoft Comunity are amazing!! Clngratulations

  14. Andrielle!

    Thank you so much for the mention in the interview. I’m very happy to know I could help with the beginning of his collaboration to the TNWiki.

    o/ o/ o/ Wiki Ninjette!!!

  15. As Ana mentioned, it’s fantastic to meet another Wiki Ninjette! Thank you Andrielle for all your contributions! Other famous Ninjettes include Ana, Naomi, and Margriet!

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    Ola comunidade Wiki, hoje é o dia de Segunda feira entrevista com o Wiki Ninja.

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