[TAT] Turkish Avengers Team from TechNet Wiki to Curah!

Curah! has a very specific purpose: to help people searching in Google or Bing find annotated collections of great content that specifically target common user questions. We’ve all been there before, typing in a search query and then hunting and clicking through pages of search results wondering where the good stuff is, what’s reputable, what’s appropriate, what’s current? A Curah! Page takes the guesswork out of this process because it has been hand-selected and annotated by experts like YOU.

The new Curah! Site offers a great opportunity to promote what you know by helping people find what they need quickly and with confidence. The role of curator is key to the success of Curah! You know the problems your customers are facing today, and you know what content exists on the web that addresses those problems. You know what is authoritative, what is helpful, and what is appropriate for users of varying levels of expertise. Curah enables you to easily collect a series of links, to title and annotate those links into a concise package of help, and to publish it to the web within seconds. From there, it will be picked up and indexed by the web search engines, and can be referenced via URL in blog or forum posts so anyone who needs it can get to it. Curah! is a great way for experts like you- in particular technologies, products, solutions, or scenarios- to share their knowledge and enhance their reputations in the community.

From Wiki to Curah!

Actually no! We are not moving from TechNet Wiki to Curah because we all love the Wiki. We are too much implicated to leave the WIKI at this time. Our era will end one day, but I can assure you that we, as TAT, are only at the beginning of our long story. Sorry for all others guys who wants to see us burn and crash ­čÖé

What we did?

A week ago I received a mail from Bruno Lewin and many other Microsoft folks asking us to add some content to the Turkish side. I didn’t even think one second and accepted this project voluntary! TAT members did an excellent job in a few days and added more than 80 Curations in one week! A mix between Wiki articles and own references. Not everybody could add new Curations due to work and other community actions like TAT eBook, Forums, etc… But I know that they will begin as soon as possible with Curah!

Our Curah!ations   

Gokan Ozcifci - MVP

Gokan Ozcifci's avatar


Mehmet Parlakyigit - MTTC

Davut Eren

Davut EREN - TAT's avatar

Yavuz Tasci


Ugur Demir

Ugur Demir - TAT's avatar


Baris Aydogmusoglu

Baris Aydogmusoglu's avatar

That's all folks! I have to finish my ebooks and finalize the WikiNinjas TV so I leave it here.

See you all soon - Ninja Gokan

Comments (8)

  1. Wow, thank you TAT for using this tool to help people find your great content!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations all. Very good job.

  3. Durval Ramos says:

    Excellent Gokan. This work will help all members of the Community TechNet. Today and, certainly during long time.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Every time I read Curah’s tagline I immediately think of the TechNet Wiki community spirit. “Curate

  5. Anonymous says:

    Bu blog yaz─▒m─▒zda Craig Lussier taraf─▒ndan yaz─▒lm─▒┼č “Bildiklerinizi Payla┼č─▒n” ismili makalenin

  6. G├╝zel sen bravo ├žok iyi yararl─▒ bilgiler makale ve sayesinde bir s├╝r├╝ ger├žekten

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